Purdue University College of Agriculture has developed robots that can collect precise soil samples. More >>


Scientists are gaining a better understanding of how to better mimic the sensation of softness. More >>


Researchers at MIT are one step closer to building a dynamic bridge out of autonomous robots. More >>


Bugatti has built a car that tops out above 300mph. Is a 400mph car far behind? More >>


New method for welding ceramics leads to stronger electronics and more robust medical implants. More >>


A new autonomous sea-faring system aims to control oil spills before they get out of control. More >>


Instead of wearing goggles, why not inject something directly into your eye? More >>


An MIT team has developed a battery-free sensor for underwater exploration to transmit data. More >>


NASA readies a mission to Europa to explore the potential of off world, aquatic life. More >>


The planemaker is completely redesigning its software in light of the new problem. More >>


Are electric vehicles greener than internal combustion engines? Here's what the research says. More >>


NASA makes progress with refueling mission and gets one step closer to colonizing the stars. More >>


Cray’s supercomputer will be seven times faster than today’s fastest machine. More >>


A new hydraulically actuated valve train promises to increase fuel economy through electric control. More >>


A newly developed algal filter could reduce the spread of disease in poorer countries. More >>


BRL is using embedded processing to allow new behaviors without external infrastructure. More >>


Do Engineers Think About Technology Equally as Both Tools and as Weapons? More >>


In truth, it was never black, and is actually two devices that record invaluable flight data. More >>


MXene is converted into printable ink that conducts electricity when it dries. More >>


iSpace is the first Chinese company to successfully launch a vehicle into orbit. More >>


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