Doing chores and performing healthcare duties will be a thing of the past once we all have a robot a... More >>


Startup company is using AI and robotics to accelerate the discovery of advanced compounds and chemi... More >>


Flexible organic photovoltaics get new properties that could make them suitable for clothing and wea... More >>


Stanford University researchers develop two frameworks to help robots learn from humans. More >>


Dartmouth University researchers are developing solar-cell powered eye trackers to enhance AR experi... More >>


Minimally invasive patch delivers exact doses directly into cells, and lessens pain and toxicity. More >>


Latest podcast episode has mechanical engineer David Hu discussing ants, frog tongues and elephant u... More >>


Flow is a machine learning solution to alleviate mixed autonomy traffic. More >>


Picam360 has developed a water drone that will create databases of water resources. More >>


Modular self-reconfigurable robot brings us one step closer to Transformers. More >>


University of Central Florida researchers are developing a lab on a chip to help first responders de... More >>


Shenzen Hiwonder releases a robotics platform built to add functionality to micro:bit. More >>


MIT researchers create AI that lets smart homes identify different people. More >>


Innovative process uses graphene to easily produce multiple robotic devices the size of human cells. More >>


Neuroprosthetics are implants capable of substituting for certain nerve functionalities in the human... More >>


This Week in Engineering is our weekly science and tech news show. More >>


Stanford researchers develop small flying robots that can move objects and anchor to objects. More >>


Part of the fun working in robotics research comes from seeing just how far you can push a concept. More >>


Pawel Zadrozniak is a Polish electronics enthusiast with an unusual instrument. More >>


A 3D bioprinting technique could potentially provide the ability to create artificial blood vessels ... More >>


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