Wearables and implanted devices are the future, but run the risk of remote attacks. More >>


BitsNBlobs Electronics introduces the BBox1, a circuit building education kit with 500 components. More >>


New technology can successfully read sound patterns of a DNA synthesizing machine, raising questions... More >>


New research reveals that snakes moving on complex terrain behave like light waves when they encount... More >>


The INKI pen can function like an inkpen or draw pointillistic works of art. More >>


Technology uses novel algorithm to turn digital images into physical sensations that help visually i... More >>


Hybrid application-specific integrated circuit has the potential to increase the operating time of i... More >>


Carnegie Mellon University researchers develop technology that enables natural accommodation cues in... More >>


Polymer can change shape in the presence of enzymes, opening up new possibilities in patient treatme... More >>


The Royal Canadian Navy has recently decided to upgrade its frigate fleet, but what is a frigate aft... More >>


SpaceX and NASA successfully return the Crew Dragon from the ISS to Earth. More >>


Creators of the Bionic Bird are back with a new aircraft designed to glide through the air. More >>


Independent underwater machines can travel and study where humans can't reach. More >>


Majd Mashharawi developed new brickmaking techniques and new energy developments in the Gaza Strip. More >>


First American private-sector-built crew spacecraft docked with the ISS in a landmark flight. More >>


MIT's newest robot is springy and light on its feet, with a range of motion that rivals a champion g... More >>


Dissatisfied with the current state of biological laboratory equipment, one company decides to build... More >>


One of the strongest materials for it's weight, spider silk could be ideal for artificial muscles. More >>


The desire of Stanford engineers to cram most of the computer features into a chip prompted them to ... More >>


The Robot Factory has developed robotics platform to create dozens of different robots and mimic any... More >>


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