Nanotube smart skin makes it easier to find stress spots on aircraft and other structures. More >>


Robot developed by Ventur Studio rides along bed surfaces and can also clean in handheld mode. More >>


New type of methane fuel cell runs on cheap fuel at temperatures comparable to automobile engines. More >>


Humanoid-shaped robot can already take on simple construction jobs. More >>


Robin Baumgarten has created an installation that is building quantum fluid behavioral data. More >>


Using the electrical field of an electron microscope, researchers melt gold at room temperatures. More >>


ORNL team is developing carbon fiber composites that can self-monitor for damage and structural issu... More >>


Cambridge Department of Engineering announces winners of ZEISS Photography Competition. More >>


Carnegie Mellon University researchers develop magnetic materials for a more efficient and lightweig... More >>


The X-59 QueSST aircraft would set off a quiet thump instead of a loud sonic boom—making commercial ... More >>


NASA's InSight mission landed safely on Mars. So, what's next for the mission? More >>


Pohang University graduates have developed an affordable LiDAR sensor that can scan 180 degrees fiel... More >>


NASA's InSight Lander is set to land on the Martian Surface at 3PM ET. WATCH LIVE HERE! More >>


Experiment could open new possibilities for solar-powered navigation in space. More >>


Device made from mice genes is a step forward in creating artificial sensors that function as effect... More >>


Mand Labs has developed a kit with sixty projects to bring new students and makers to learn electron... More >>


Technology would use an electrolytic cell instead of a blast furnace to process raw iron ore. More >>


No need for fuel or batteries, this plane glides on an "ionic wind." More >>


University of Warwick team have developed an open source data collection device for biological data. More >>


Smart car tech like route optimization, lane-keeping warnings and cruise control translate to billio... More >>


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