Researchers from Penn State look to nature to inspire advancements in robot technology. More >>


New bots expand the capabilities of robotics and dramatically advance manufacturing techniques. More >>


A new concoction of epoxy and foam metal might lead to better performing flying machines. More >>


The process could work on any concentration, from power plant emissions to open air. More >>


NASA readies an electric plane to streamline the development of electric aircraft. More >>


Engineers develop a new class of electrically conductive materials. More >>


This electroadhesive stamp can pick-and-place objects 20 nanometers wide. More >>


A new method for cooling spins traditional refrigeration technology on its head. More >>


A look at the plausibility of separating economic growth from renewable energy roll out. More >>


After a project in China fell through, Gates is hoping the U.S. will step up with funding. More >>


NASA engineers are working on a shapeshifting exploration drone to explore alien worlds. More >>


A gutted Corvette becomes the vehicle to expand the definition of all-electric speed. More >>


Researchers have begun human trials of an exoskeleton controlled by a neuroprosthetic. More >>


Scania leverages the constraints of a mine environment to develop their autonomous heavy loader. More >>


Projects worldwide aim to study and reduce plastic in oceans. More >> looks at the costs and benefits of transporting oil by rail and pipeline. More >>


The WFIRST space telescope gets an experimental coronograph to precisely hunt exoplanets. More >>


The financial viability of solar panels has often been tied to their durability. More >>


Researchers at the University of Missouri have developed eye-tracking technology for vehicle safety. More >>


The world’s darkest material has a bright future in aerospace and off-world. More >>


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