University of Tokyo researchers develop machine learning in a step toward making Star Trek’s tricord... More >>


MORE Technologies is offering a new system of building robots while learning coding and electronics. More >>


A recent test of a scientific air lock for The Deep Space Gateway gives further evidence that humans... More >>


The world’s first exaflop supercomputer will service the U.S. Department of Energy and transform how... More >>


New unit clips to a bike's front forks, helps users who want to bike to work without coming in as a ... More >>


AERO tire would work as a wheel on the ground and a propeller in the air. More >>


Designer Marjan Van Aubel discusses her solar cell projects and integrating solar energy into everyd... More >>


AI and robotics promise to bring big changes to construction and demolition site cleanup processes. More >>


Itaca Innovation has developed a small but powerful Arduino Zero compatible board. More >>


Engineers are working on a humanoid robot with extended human-like movement range. More >>


Minima and Arm sign multi-year strategic intellectual property agreement. More >>


The spacecraft will soon take its own test flight to the ISS to demonstrate its readiness to transpo... More >>


Jetperch LLC developed a precision DC energy meter combining features from the multimeter and oscill... More >>


Self-powered stop sign lights up when it detects an oncoming vehicle. More >>


Researchers from Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST) in South Korea have dev... More >>


The USAF’s first low-cost, jet-powered drone makes a successful test flight. Does it represent the f... More >>


Odisei Music has developed a small saxophone tool to train users without making sounds. More >>


Wearables and implanted devices are the future, but run the risk of remote attacks. More >>


BitsNBlobs Electronics introduces the BBox1, a circuit building education kit with 500 components. More >>


New technology can successfully read sound patterns of a DNA synthesizing machine, raising questions... More >>


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