A USC Viterbi School of Engineering study on sea star movement could take robotics to new levels. More >>


A new method for 3D printing glass might be the first for printing the transparent material. More >>


Technology could charge vehicles, improve household power supply, and reduce strain on the grid. More >>


Expensive jets like the F-35 are accelerating the development of cheaper autonomous aircraft. More >>


Which resources are required to build today's renewable power generation technologies? More >>


Make: and Engineering.com are coming together to launch Make:Projects More >>


The Cambridge Department of Engineering has announced winners of its annual photo contest. More >>


Innovative new prototype is 1/100th the size of a conventional reactor. More >>


With more concentrated sunlight, many types of solar power generation systems are more effective. More >>


Researchers has developed a nano-barrier for composites that enhances their integrity. More >>


The FAA won’t commit to a deadline for returning the plane to service. More >>


Researchers have developed a flexible, self-cleaning plastic that repels bacteria. More >>


An overview of today’s solar technology. More >>


A new material, grown from liquid resin, could make football and military operations safer. More >>


ETH Zurich researchers develop a way to store assembly, operating instructions via 3D-printed “DNA.” More >>


Airbus is set to test computer-controlled tandem commercial flights, but is there more to the test? More >>


Researchers have designed a headphone system capable of detecting hazards and relaying warning cues. More >>


3D printing a theoretical material structure displays properties similar to carbon nanotubes. More >>


New research could lead to better modelling of combustion process in auto and jet engines. More >>


High voltage electrodes both ionize the air and accelerate it behind the aircraft More >>


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