This week in engineering is our science and tech news show. More >>


Largest SLA project ever will see Materialise print full-scale, scientifically accurate reconstructi... More >>


Project SHRIMP hopes to move the technology of microrobotics to the next level. More >>


Goodyear's research project on the ISS will examine effects of microgravity on silica particle forma... More >>


Innovative new startup has a vision to build gas stations in orbit to refuel spacecraft and satellit... More >>


Researchers from the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Argonne National Laboratory have recently r... More >>


Will Marshall talks about his microsatellites and the data they've collected in the last four years. More >>


Study shows it could be possible to use sunlight, water and nanoengineering to boost renewable energ... More >>


Innovative system for controlling a drone through torso movement offers immersive and intuitive flig... More >>


Dmitry Grinberg has developed an inexpensive tool for debugging and reprogramming Cortex-M projects. More >>


This Week in Engineering will return soon! Until then, here are this week's highlights. More >>


Scientists have stress tested a single-atom magnet that could lead to massive increases in storage. More >>


MIT robot navigates without relying on cameras or any external environmental sensors. More >>


Thin-film electronic circuits are peelable, can be custom printed, and applied to a surface to make ... More >>


Alex Eames has developed a customizable night light that runs on an Arduino Uno clone. More >>


Samson Sky is working to finish assembly of a flying car, with first flight anticipated later this y... More >>


Disney unveiled a flying stunt double robot that can pose like superheroes. More >>


Robot uses a textured "skin" to express how it feels. More >>


Research into climate geoengineering proposals illuminates both potential benefits and significant d... More >>


Glasgow engineers have developed what they call 'the world's smallest Arduino 328 core.' More >>


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