3D-printed metamaterial bricks slow down sound waves. More >>


Novel nanoconfinement system could improve performance of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. More >>


Rabid Prototypes is crowdfunding their smart display for Arduino projects. More >>


Elextra debuts electric supercar at Geneva Motor Show. More >>


Raytheon introduces a laser-based scope that improves close and long range marksmanship. More >>


Prestigious award recognizes Bureau of Reclamation engineer's achievements in river restoration. More >>


Engineers at Colorado State University work to reduce risks of infection and blood clots from surgic... More >>


Engineers use fuzzy logic to help UAVs make better navigational decisions on the fly. More >>


Stanford researchers improve a method for extracting uranium from the ocean. More >>


BladeGlider EV has max speed of 115 mph, goes from 0-60 in under 5 seconds. More >>


Stanford engineers build low-cost microfluidic device that could deliver advanced diagnostics where ... More >>


AIR-INK is the world's first ink made out of air pollution, and running a crowdfunding campaign to r... More >>


Inkjet printer creates thin elastomeric nanosheet films for wearable applications. More >>


Stretchable rubber achieves thermal and mechanical properties suitable for flexible electronics, art... More >>


Controllable DNA switch has nano-electronics applications. More >>


Engineers Dream Big with the Hyperloop, a supersonic car and a solar-powered plane. More >>


Jeff Speck continues to present his ideas for making everyday cities more walkable. More >>


Yank Technologies is crowdfunding their antenna and receiver configuration that they hope will let u... More >>


Researchers discover a more efficient gait for robotic locomotion. More >>


NSF-funded collaboration between engineers and architects uses nanotechnology to combat water scarci... More >>


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