New method for fluid separation has microfluidic and oil & gas applications. More >>


Seed responses to humidity suggest more efficient ways to penetrate soil in agricultural application... More >>


Santa Clara engineers have developed an air quality monitor that plugs into a users iPhone and displ... More >>


Makeup lamps respond to changing expressions during live performances. More >>


Population growth in developing countries to create unprecedented demand for civil engineering. More >>


Focused ion beam milling dramatically alters material’s structural identity. More >>


The Navy updates its nuclear sub steam suit with lightweighting and lobster claws. More >>


Unveiled at Auto Shanghai 2017, R.S. 2027 Vision features transparent cockpit and autonomous mode. More >>


Graphene acts as a ‘copy machine’ to transfer crystalline patterns between semiconductor layers. More >>


PLANETS Foundation is running a Kickstarter campaign for Phase 1 of their ambitious ten year telesco... More >>


Stress-induced fabrication offers an alternative to chemistry-based fabrication. More >>


Kniterate is crowdfunding their desktop version of an industrial knitting machine. More >>


Planar laser induced fluorescence technique reveals important characteristics of fluid behavior. More >>


New technique to control light propagation in waveguides could enhance photonic integrated devices. More >>


Duke University materials scientists build magnets atom by atom. More >>


Water harvester uses metal-organic framework pull water from low-humidity air. More >>


Engineers, programmers, designers and environmental experts are attending the Erie Hack event in Det... More >>


What is AI, what can engineers can use it for and how might it affect the engineering profession? More >>


Printed shape memory polymers show potential for 4D printing. More >>


New study yields improved understanding of knot mechanics. More >>


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