Raspberry Shake is continuing its work to monitor earthquakes and seismic activity after a successfu... More >>


Researchers believe CMFs can significantly improve material strength in many applications without ad... More >>


Google X ended their Foghorn project last year, but the technology exists to turn seawater into sea ... More >>


Self-assembling composites could be used for drug delivery and remotely deployable structures. More >>


Japanese researchers develop pen-like solvent tool for smoothing and shaping objects printed with FD... More >>


Sensing towers and mobile robots used to study drought tolerance in plants. More >>


UPRIGHT GO is a device that attaches to your back for 10-30 minutes a day to train your posture and ... More >>


Michigan to set aside $97 million in state and federal funds to replace tainted water lines by 2020. More >>


Hybrid UAV is capable of vertical takeoff and landing, cruising flight and autonomous transitions. More >>


Robot improves carton recycling efficiency with a pickup rate of 60 cartons per minute. More >>


Printable device inspired by goldbug beetle could lead to sensor-laden robot skin. More >>


Ingmar Riedel-Kruse and his team have developed robots that can autonomously perform science and bio... More >>


Technique uses “spatial fingerprints” of wireless signals to identify fake robots. More >>


Inspiring words for engineers. More >>


Carbon nanotubes stabilize single platinum atoms. More >>


The Army comes closer to realizing the potential of mobile, ground-based laser weaponry. More >>


Researchers turn 2D plastic sheets into 3D structures with inkjet printing and infrared light. More >>


Transcendent Designs has developed a tablet type viewing screen with a 10.1 inch display that mirror... More >>


Robot changes gait in response to changes in speed. More >>


Microfluidic device could be used to power small robots. More >>


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