HomeBiogas has redesigned their renewable energy system to convert waste and manure into cooking gas... More >>


Reconstituted silk is more than twice as tough as its natural counterpart. More >>


RAND study suggests deploying self-driving vehicles just 10% better than humans is worthwhile. More >>


Lamborghini Terzo Millennio based on collaboration with MIT. More >>


KCC-1’s high surface area and tunable pore and particle size make it useful in many applications. More >>


French engineer has developed a new Arduino compatible system to learn embedded electronics. More >>


A deep dive into the engineering challenges of building the world’s largest optical observatory. More >>


MIT undergrads aim to reduce concrete production by using waste plastic bottles. More >>


New smartphone app can tell what is wrong with a car, just by listening to it. More >>


Aerospace engineer builds machine to harvest vital resources from lunar regolith. More >>


Sandia National Laboratories uses supercomputing to enhance engine efficiency. More >>


Monitoring platform aims to produce detailed global map of mosquito distribution. More >>


3D-printed device adds orientation sensor to ultrasound probe. More >>


EyeQue has developed a vision tester that tracks your vision over time. More >>


NIST devises experiment to measure moon brightness. More >>


“Ninety percent of failure in metal components and engineering structures is through fatigue,” says ... More >>


New Zealand electronics engineer has developed tool that lets you test an LED at any point in the de... More >>


Energy density of batteries is still pathetic, but some promising e-planes are on the horizon. More >>


These engineering apps can help you get the most from your smartphone. More >>


Wavefront sensing and control will align mirrors to within tens of nanometers. More >>


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