Device measures acidity to detect presence of HIV virus with 95 percent accuracy. More >>


Mobility solutions top employee ideas in annual Ford Motor Company competition. More >>


YNG is Kickstarter funding their new printer with several new features including zoned printing. More >>


Researchers quantify possible increases in methylmercury exposure resulting from dams. More >>


Salt dissolution etching method enables fabrication of patternable superhydrophobic surfaces. More >>


RoboVote uses social choice research to make optimal group decisions. More >>


A new flexible solar cell could be instrumental in the transition from fossil fuel based energy to r... More >>


Electron-phonon interactions play a bigger role in reducing heat dissipation than previously thought... More >>


Neural network uses deep learning to categorize books by genre. More >>


Optically-controlled microscale device shows 1,000 percent increase in conductivity. More >>


Northrop Grumman plans to build a laser countermeasure for the U.S. Air Force. More >>


Lithography technique uses electron beam to turn auriferous organic compound into pure gold. More >>


NavCube combines reconfigurable computing platform with GPS flight receiver. More >>


Espro's Travel Press system brings what the company has learned about brewing to people who drink co... More >>


How levels of automation, Tesla’s fatal crash and trolley problems impact autonomous vehicles. More >>


Engineers develop magnetic ink for self-healing batteries, sensors and wearable circuits. More >>


White House aims to accelerate deployment of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure. More >>


Lockheed Martin launches Vector Hawk UAV from Marlin MK2 AUV. More >>


Morphing wing is based on tiny subunits that could be assembled by specialized robots. More >>


New method could contain radioactive iodine for millions of years. More >>


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