Researchers have created a machine learning platform that uses light instead of electrons—and costs ... More >>


U.S. Army scientists developed a new technique that models atmospheric turbulence to help predict we... More >>


A former NASA engineer and YouTuber has constructed a robot that perfectly skips rocks. More >>


This week in engineering is our science and tech news show! More >>


A new fabrication process unveiled last week has opened the door to multifunctional soft microrobots... More >>


Cardboard chassis lets users control this Arduino-based bulldozer. More >>


Heat shield design uses centrifugal forces to stiffen lightweight material and prevent burnup. More >>


LADAR system can image 3D objects melting inside flames, offering a precise, safe way to measure str... More >>


Backyard barbecue accessories are used to test new methods of filtering particulates to improve engi... More >>


Simon Frasier University researchers develop AI for artistic, emotional news anonymity. More >>


New Kickstarter campaign has two levels of music player and an air monitoring kit. More >>


This Week in Engineering is our science and technology news show. More >>


Customized soft grippers can be 3D printed on board ships and iterate based on operator feedback. More >>


Researchers at Georgia Tech College of Engineering hope to gain insight into harnessing geothermal e... More >>


Test plane is designed to minimize sonic boom—and help open up faster-than-sound air travel over lan... More >>


New manufacturing process similar to newspaper printing forms flexible metals for ultrafast electron... More >>


Standard Cameras has high tech camera kit using 3D printed parts, with an old-timey feel. More >>


A few months of programming can beat a lifetime of experience. More >>


Machines that detect microscopic radiation damage quickly could help improve potential nuclear react... More >>


Georgia Institute of Technology researchers develop plastic film for preserving food made out of chi... More >>


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