BAE Systems announces beetle-inspired memory metal suspension. More >>


Nylon fibers are key ingredient in simple and inexpensive approach to creating artificial muscles. More >>


NextEV launches NIO brand and NIO EP9 electric supercar. More >>


EngiMake has launched a robotics platform to bring accessible robotics to the masses. More >>


Engineering researchers show how audio inputs can be exploited by hackers. More >>


Project Blue is currently funding its mission that will search out planets in the Alpha Centauri sys... More >>


Tabletop device driven by terahertz radiation could bring new imaging power to laboratories. More >>


Enhanced stochastic fluctuation via electronic white noise improves AFM capture of molecules. More >>


Controversial new propulsion system gets scientific support. Will EmDrive change how we think about ... More >>


Zeecol reveals a new zero-waste system for dairy farmers and Martian settlers. More >>


Escape Dynamics envisioned a new way to launch spacecraft, bringing better efficiency and reliabilit... More >>


Machine learning algorithm enables neural networks to go beyond their training. More >>


Batch approach beats conventional reverse osmosis methods for desalination. More >>


Engineers take control of cockroach swarms to direct them in disaster relief operations. More >>


YCB kit containing 77 objects aims to set a baseline for robotic object manipulation. More >>


Sixfab is developing shields for Raspberry Pi and single board computer projects to bring internet c... More >>


Jaguar’s first EV coming to roads with a predicted 220-mile range in 2018. More >>


Microscopic analysis inspires new nanostructures for textile, packaging and cosmetic industries. More >>


Sensor-integrated blocks designed to reveal hyperactivity, problem-solving strategies and more. More >>


An autonomous flying car test proves they’re coming, but we need to be patient. More >>


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