An autonomous flying car test proves they’re coming, but we need to be patient. More >>


Human-inspired approach improves information extraction by 10 percent. More >>


3D-printed wing attachment reduces turbine noise by 10 decibels. More >>


Conductive concrete blocks electromagnetic interference. More >>


China’s 93-petaflop Sunway TaihuLight is a true behemoth. More >>


Researchers argue for better public understanding of autonomous weapon development. More >>


Nanotechnology enables portable sterilization equipment. More >>


Researchers use motion capture to improve energy efficiency. More >>


Virgin and startup company Boom aim to make supersonic commercial air travel a reality once again. More >>


Exascale supercomputers to be up to 100 times faster than their current counterparts. More >>


Texan company has developed the first flash drive for mobile devices. More >>


Research recommends leaving non-emitting abandoned wells alone to minimize emissions. More >>


Stanford study shows investment in battery-powered EVs is the most economical choice. More >>


Filaments that collect and store solar energy woven into textiles. More >>


Engineers use computational chemistry to design inexpensive liquid-crystal-based sensors. More >>


Autonomous helicopter designed for first-response and logistics applications. More >>


Disney develops software that translates high-level variables into simple narratives. More >>


Researchers use MRI to predict ham’s salt content. More >>


A driverless scooter is the next step in MIT’s vehicle automation research. More >>


Engineers develop novel method for controlling the flow of water in flexible tubes. More >>


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