Brad Knox is running a Kickstarter campaign for his artificial intelligence system that uses Hexbug ... More >>


Ionic thermoelectric gating organic transistors are a world first. More >>


Solar still uses carbon-dipped paper to convert water to vapor at unprecedented rate. More >>


SELFLY is running a successful crowdfunding campaign for their autonomous camera drone that connects... More >>


Transparent flexible film of pectin and water could be grafted onto prosthetic limbs. More >>


Regional path tracking method could improve self-driving vehicle performance. More >>


Researchers at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory are moving forward with a prototype plant t... More >>


Left ventricular-assist device offers temporary assistance to heart surgery patients. More >>


Hanson Robotics has teamed with a past VP of Mattel Toys to develop a robotic companion modeled afte... More >>


Mimus industrial robot is designed to sense and respond to human gestures. More >>


Prototype 3D bioprinter can create functional dermal tissue. More >>


Manu Prakash has developed a paper centrifuge, inspired by a buzzer whirligig toy. More >>


Decision-tree approach predicts ghost movement with 94.6 percent accuracy. More >>


Non-mechanical direct digital control of sunlight has photovoltaic and solar thermal energy applicat... More >>


Kitables is running a Kickstarter campaign for their DIY Mini Lego Drone Kit - parts are all include... More >>


New imaging technique could prove useful for hydrogen storage, sensing and purification applications... More >>


Researchers incorporate emotion with information to discover deeper meaning from written or verbal c... More >>


QIHAN's Sanbot, recently debuted at CES 2017 in Las Vegas. More >>


BAE Systems imagines a future where the atmosphere itself can be transformed into an actively shaped... More >>


With driverless taxis already on the roads, is Singapore’s transit system a vision of things to come... More >>


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