Kitables is running a Kickstarter campaign for their DIY Mini Lego Drone Kit - parts are all include... More >>


New imaging technique could prove useful for hydrogen storage, sensing and purification applications... More >>


Researchers incorporate emotion with information to discover deeper meaning from written or verbal c... More >>


QIHAN's Sanbot, recently debuted at CES 2017 in Las Vegas. More >>


BAE Systems imagines a future where the atmosphere itself can be transformed into an actively shaped... More >>


With driverless taxis already on the roads, is Singapore’s transit system a vision of things to come... More >>


Golden nanoneedles catalyze a solution for climate change and energy shortages. More >>


New sensors use MOPs and SiNW-based FETs to allow quantitative explosive sensing. More >>


George Tulevski from IBM discusses his work using carbon nanotubes to boost nanotechnology progress. More >>


Porous flexible membrane with gold electrodes embedded in microscopic holes could be the key to safe... More >>


Discovery in nanofluidics could lead to medical breakthroughs. More >>


Stanford researchers record reactions at near-atomic-scale resolution. More >>


US military successfully tests an autonomous drone swarm launched from a fighter jet. More >>


Upgrade to Chile’s Very Large Telescope could reveal signs of life at our nearest stellar neighbor. More >>


Engineers have developed a flexible LED strip to attach to any guitar surface and show the user how ... More >>


Researchers in Sweden create a method for reliably producing artificial spider silk. What applicatio... More >>


Researchers aims to uncover the best multiscale model for coffee extraction. More >>


Tenkiv Nexus has reimagined solar panels and arrays to use renewable energy to clean up to 1000 lite... More >>


Engineers stack metasurfaces to create flat lenses with 70 degree angular range. More >>


IBM’s 5-year forecast bets big on AI, AR, big data, smart sensors and labs-on-a-chip. More >>


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