IBM’s 5-year forecast bets big on AI, AR, big data, smart sensors and labs-on-a-chip. More >>


Neural network yields optimal control for nonlinear robots. More >>


Outgoing President offers 4 reasons green tech is here to stay. Will President Trump prove him wrong... More >>


The UK’s MoD is developing its own laser weapons system. But what’s the target? More >>


Diesel-powered unmanned aerial vehicle stayed aloft for nearly 56 hours. More >>


NASA uses a Canadian-built robot to replace and upgrade the ISS’s aging batteries. More >>


A smart patch worn on the torso can monitor your stress and help to train biorhythms. More >>


Biocompatible micromachines could be used for drug delivery, stents and more. More >>


Tapered rods inside sponges have evolved the optimal shape to avoid buckling under pressure. More >>


NASA engineers investigate the SLS’s sub-sonic performance in a windtunnel. More >>


Study shows half square inch solar cell is sufficient to power a typical pacemaker. More >>


Spread of green technologies must see a tenfold increase to meet Paris Agreement targets. More >>


Startup company in Africa is helping to establish healthier sanitation practices and lower the cost ... More >>


Constructs made from silk protein can be embedded with pre-designed functions. More >>


Engineers develop flight simulator that combines fluid mechanics and flight dynamics. More >>


US Patent granted in April shows that Amazon wants to create an Airborne Fulfillment Center as a com... More >>


Student group designs miniature fluxgate magnetometer to fly aboard the Ex-Alta 1 CubeSat More >>


USC professor is crowdfunding his open-source machine vision camera for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and P... More >>


Researcher from UNIST develop paintable thermoelectric generators that can capture more waste heat t... More >>


Surprise—they’re not all about robots and time travel. More >>


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