Polymer-coated nanocomposite material has exceptional optoelectronic properties. More >>


Nanostructured Oleo Sponge could revolutionize the cleanup of oceanic oil spills. More >>


Oak Ridge researchers investigate new plasma-facing materials. More >>


An improved technique for self-folding gives researchers more control over automated assembly. More >>


PiBorg is crowdfunding their ThunderBorg Board and MonsterBorg robot to make bigger and beefier Rasp... More >>


Revealed at the Geneva International Motor Show, Pop.Up combines ground and air transport. More >>


A new airframe design might take the boom out of supersonic flight. More >>


Plant-based polymer could replace petroleum-based plastics as additive manufacturing feedstock. More >>


Swiss researchers borrow an idea from geology to improve ceramic manufacturing efficiency. More >>


Miniot Design has created Wheel, a record player that consists of just a wheel. More >>


Dr. John B. Goodenough answers 3 questions about the future of energy and technology. More >>


Engineers develop framework to understand future behaviors by identifying patterns in past attacks. More >>


A newly developed camera could make self-driving cars nearly incapable of having accidents. More >>


Isomax's unique pyramid-and-cross cellular structure gives it the highest theoretical stiffness to l... More >>


FM backscattering uses unoccupied frequencies to send information to radios and smartphones. More >>


A new laproscopic tool reduces the price of precision surgery and proves itself in the OR. More >>


John Goodenough introduces fast-charging, non-combustible battery technology. More >>


From the PAL-V Liberty to Airbus’ and Uber’s plans for flying taxis, could this be the year of the f... More >>


Jonathan Rossiter presents his Row-bot, a robot that eats pollution. More >>


Sending biobots random commands could be key to searching disaster areas for survivors. More >>


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