Researchers use 3D scanning to discover coating methods that enhance the aesthetics and tone of a vi... More >>


A bicycle can become a sail-powered vehicle with this new device. More >>


Researchers show how AI can assess patient risk and reduce unnecessary testing. More >>


Why not let cracked or broken objects fix themselves? More >>


Latest podcast episode features neuro engineer Annabelle Singer discussing Alzheimer’s, memory and n... More >>


The short flight is used to test electric VTOL’s safety and reliability. More >>


CCTY Bearing has redesigned the standard universal joint with a system using only three moving parts... More >>


The U.S. Navy is known for projecting power across the Earth’s seven seas, but to do that, it requir... More >>


The mission flew eight NASA-sponsored research payloads into space—and helped prepare for crewed spa... More >>


Dualog's Innovation Garage developed a prototype board that gives header information. More >>


Stanford’s DeepSolar project uses an algorithm to examine satellite images and identify solar instal... More >>


Rather than an expensive centrifuge, fidget spinners could enable affordable blood testing in the de... More >>


Singapore engineer develops a waterless carwash system and service. More >>


Researchers from UCLA and Stanford have demonstrated a new computer system that can successfully vis... More >>


Satellogic partners with China Great Wall Industry Corporation to launch 90 satellites, creating a c... More >>


This pilot-driven drone has eight propellers and a $200,000 price tag. More >>


A look at concepts, EVs, and hybrids from the North American International Auto Show. More >>


Doctor believes that drones could make organ transport faster, cheaper and more reliable—and cut dow... More >>


Plans for a more powerful supercollider to replace the LHC are under consideration at CERN. More >>


Cash For Causes (C4C) is a weekly challenge, where participants complete STEM-focused activities for... More >>


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