Raspberry Pi 4 compatible platform is built for makers. More >>


2D technology could be a powerful new tool to fight superbugs. More >>


Ivan Poupyrev talks about how he's turning the whole world into an interface device. More >>


Placing a silicone balloon inside a cosmetics bottle leads to less waste and more recycling. More >>


A new skill for Alexa and Google Home will detect cardiac arrest as it strikes device owners. More >>


Bring static images to life with augmented reality (AR). More >>


Radiator from Neon Captain hopes to make laser shows the grand spectacle they were in the 1970s. More >>


New experimental energy storage system may be the key to a zero-carbon future. More >>


MIT team develops tiny walking motor with five parts that could change robot construction. More >>


Turtle shaped UV monitor tells you when your child has exceeded daily radiation limits. More >>


Makers of a guitar training system are back with a ukelele based tool. More >>


New Danish robot can make cuts in plasterboard based on voice commands. More >>


Julie Chang from Stanford Computational Imaging Lab talks about developing cameras for AI. More >>


Winston protects everything in your house that uses the internet. More >>


China’s roadmap to commercial space-based solar power by 2050. More >>


Long range, high speed electric skateboard uses high end materials for heightened user experience. More >>


Iran may have a greater capability of defending its airspace than the Pentagon believed. More >>


Several shoe manufacturers on Kickstarter are using sustainable build methods and materials. More >>


Quantized extended state in silicon-zinc oxide hybrid chip lets transistors exist in three states. More >>


Public Labs is running a crowdfunding campaign for BabyLegs, built from baby tights. More >>


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