A study explores the use of NCC in electrospinning and 3D printing techniques. More >>


Distilleries have switched portions of their production from alcohol to hand sanitizer. More >>


With various regional effects the coronavirus pandemic is taking a toll on the real estate industry. More >>


Bloem will be launching their recycled plastic planter Ocean Series this 2020. More >>


COVID-19 AI hackathons provide ways for engineers to help with the pandemic. More >>


How the COVID-19 virus is destroyed by something as handy as soap. More >>


Current crisis Academia R&D projects carrying engineering innovation. More >>


Researchers have developed an AI system to rapidly and accurately diagnose breast cancer. More >>


The Magic Leap Enterprise Suite allows for easier virtual collaboration and creation. More >>


Climate change too far along to effectively fight without techno-fix. More >>


An implanted device delivering electric pulses presents a new non-intrusive treatment method. More >>


Rice University at OEDK with Metric Technologies develops an automated bag valve mask ventilator. More >>


LungPrint’s supervised machine learning will assist in clinician analysis for lung health. More >>



A Virginia couple has been taking requests from health workers for N95 face masks. More >>


A 17-year old programmer has created a website with COVID-19 case updates. More >>


Microsoft Research has been training robots to interpret visual data using virtual simulations. More >>


Stay current while on the go. Download the mobile app now on the Apple App store or Google Play. More >>


Make: Community and Engineering.com are launching MakeProjects.com to connect Makers. More >>


Manufacturers and 3D printing companies produce face masks and face shields. More >>


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