A truck engine powered by batteries but ignited by fuel could open the market for electric trucks wh... More >>


Blaze Sanders has built a tiny Death Star to be launched into space and destroy some tiny Alderaans. More >>


Flexible structure can change shape to maximize aerodynamic efficiency and performance. More >>


Cheerble has built another smart toy for dogs and cats. More >>


The device improves insight into diseases and brain injuries such as concussions, Alzheimer’s and Pa... More >>


Demine Robotics is running a crowdfunding campaign for their landmine removal robot. More >>


Protecting the Earth from killer asteroids might require autonomous space flight, so the ESA is star... More >>


Katie Bouman discusses her inspiration and methods for developing images of a black hole, from a 201... More >>


Additive manufacturing will be used to improve liquid rocket engine performance. More >>


Country anticipates hydrogen-powered vehicles will be better suited to big cities than electric cars... More >>


HackEDA has built a phone for makers that lets the user build a project on the back of a phone. More >>


The drone 3D-mapped a cave in Iceland and could perform similar work on the red planet. More >>


Italian researchers have modified the structure of eumelanin, bringing biocompatible electronics clo... More >>


A Utah State enthusiast has built a wifi connected Block A sculpture that will light blue when the A... More >>


“Skyborg” could autonomously fly drones and fighter jets in just a few years. More >>


3D-printed energy-management textiles could lead to new line of smart clothes that do more than play... More >>


Defense Department has called for proposals for a space-based laser weapon by 2023. More >>


Time for Machine is running a crowdfunding campaign for their next set of mechanical models, this ti... More >>


Soft gripper can pick up delicate and heavy objects alike. More >>


The U.S. Missile Defense Agency has successfully intercepted a dummy ICBM using a “two-shot salvo” t... More >>


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