New test will use a CRISPR-based method to find a specific bit of RNA inside a human cell. More >>


Biotech company expands existing community health program to fight pandemic. More >>


Spiro Wave, a low-cost ventilator, was developed with inspiration from the MIT E-Vent project. More >>


Powered by ProjectBoard to connect engineers, makers, students and designers. More >>


French-led consortium is latest recipient of CEPI funding. More >>


The researchers’ objective is to understand why epithelial barriers are important for COVID-19. More >>


Science Fair uses the ProjectBoard platform for virtual event. More >>


Businesses, schools and individuals are heeding with 3D-printed parts for COVID-19 medical persons. More >>


Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins is helping to map cases in real time. More >>


A detailed look into the legendary Apollo mission 50 years later. More >>


Spartan Cube delivers results in one hour, no lab needed. More >>



We asked our engineering audience how COVID-19 was affecting them and 530 responded. More >>


A study explores the use of NCC in electrospinning and 3D printing techniques. More >>


Distilleries have switched portions of their production from alcohol to hand sanitizer. More >>


With various regional effects the coronavirus pandemic is taking a toll on the real estate industry. More >>


Bloem will be launching their recycled plastic planter Ocean Series this 2020. More >>


COVID-19 AI hackathons provide ways for engineers to help with the pandemic. More >>


How the COVID-19 virus is destroyed by something as handy as soap. More >>


Current crisis Academia R&D projects carrying engineering innovation. More >>


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