Harness the power of being slow for efficient environmental and agricultural monitoring. More >>


Veteran engineers share what they wish they’d been told at the start of their careers. More >>


The design combines a launcher and “dual waverider” vehicle, but it’s unclear what the technology is... More >>


New launch platform is designed to service the booming industry. More >>


Bosch’s BML100PI module is transforming our conception of touchscreens. More >>


Aquarobotman is offering a new underwater scooter with modular design. More >>


Ride Solar will launch service around Charlottetown Harbor in Prince Edward Island. More >>


German engineers have developed a smart sensor for creating strong plants. More >>


Electrical engineers develop a multimeter that will stay in your field of vision. More >>


The Chief Life Scientist of the Canadian Space Agency explains the many unsolved hazards of space tr... More >>


Zepsch electronics from Germany developed a small scale Arduino compatible screen with additional fu... More >>


Research from Bristol and Sussex universities develop new 3D-printed materials to form Lego-style br... More >>


Company develops unit to use less energy, dry clothes faster More >>


Engineering fails curated for your amusement. More >>


App and smart suitcase combo form wayfinding system for visually impaired travelers. More >>


Soldering iron can monitor and control temperature, helps users to learn soldering while they solder... More >>


Facility reaches millions of degrees to trigger fission reactions. More >>


Crowdfunding campaign for a biotech lab set of equipment all housed in the same unit. More >>


After a successful launch in 2017 Snapmaker is back with a new version of their hybrid maker tool. More >>


NYU Professor and his team have built an airplane noise logging and tracking system. More >>


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