Novel design for carbon vapor deposition furnaces eliminates defects in graphene sheet by encouragin... More >>


re:3D is developing a new style pellet printer that will one day use recycled plastic. More >>


Radiation-measuring robots will crawl through pipes during decommission of DOE nuclear facility. More >>


Would you strap into a bucket seat end effector? Check out these professional and not-so-professiona... More >>


Integrating holography into windshield displays could be the key to greater usability. More >>


Researchers at Likoping University in Sweden have demonstrated new developments in electrochemical l... More >>


Leila Takayama from UC Santa Cruz discusses how we can build empathy for robots. More >>


New controller from the Tokyo Institute of Technology achieves lifelike movements. More >>


This Week in Engineering is a show recapping our top science and tech stories. More >>


A robot developed by MIT students can solve a Rubik’s Cube in record-breaking time. More >>


Urban Rivers in Chicago is building a Trash Robot to be driven remotely by users. More >>


How drones, farm robots and the Internet of Things will change the way we produce food. More >>


Flexible and resilient polymer lattice defies standard engineering theory. More >>


Underwater vehicles are opening the door to new possibilities for archiving and studying ocean micro... More >>


Hawking will be remembered for his intellect, sharp wit and as an inspiration to scientists worldwid... More >>


Purdue University researchers work to test nanocrystal-infused concrete on California bridge. More >>


Stanford researchers develop technique to help autonomous cars see hidden objects around corners. More >>


MakePi has developed an expandable tablet for users to build and learn programming. More >>


Design breakthrough may enable drones to carry objects together. More >>


SpinLaunch plans to develop a space catapult system. More >>


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