New Danish robot can make cuts in plasterboard based on voice commands. More >>


Julie Chang from Stanford Computational Imaging Lab talks about developing cameras for AI. More >>


Winston protects everything in your house that uses the internet. More >>


China’s roadmap to commercial space-based solar power by 2050. More >>


Long range, high speed electric skateboard uses high end materials for heightened user experience. More >>


Iran may have a greater capability of defending its airspace than the Pentagon believed. More >>


Several shoe manufacturers on Kickstarter are using sustainable build methods and materials. More >>


Quantized extended state in silicon-zinc oxide hybrid chip lets transistors exist in three states. More >>


Public Labs is running a crowdfunding campaign for BabyLegs, built from baby tights. More >>


Vladimir Kulykin has finished testing his BeePi project and is moving into BeePi Phase 2. More >>


Using visual cues and easy-to-follow maps rather than rigorous computation of all roads in an area. More >>


China, the U.S. and Russia are all developing maneuverable missiles that can exceed Mach 5. More >>


Shortcut Labs has refined and iterated its Flic button. More >>


New technology would reduce the drain on water resources and could be used to reduce CO2 emissions. More >>


SmartHalo's new generation of smart bike has new features, a new app and the same minimalist design. More >>


Modeling chemomechanical interplay within a battery can pave the way for faster charging times. More >>


Human-plant interactions can be softer and less intrusive than human-electronic experiences. More >>


German engineers have developed a robot to harness energy from vertical motion in the water. More >>


Harness the power of being slow for efficient environmental and agricultural monitoring. More >>


Veteran engineers share what they wish they’d been told at the start of their careers. More >>


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