Over the next 100 years, technology will change the nature of how humans live, work and play. More >>


AI teaches wireless devices to sense a person's posture and movement, even from the other side of a ... More >>


Aquam Corporation announced their Amplus robot, beaming data from the inside of pipelines. More >>


A highly durable organic pigment shows promising possibility as a semiconductor material. More >>


New system has an app-connected Rubik's Cube that follows your movement onscreen and lets you compet... More >>


University of Hong Kong engineers have developed an actuating material that reacts when exposed to v... More >>


Autonomous undersea vehicle locates and analyzes underwater mines without endangering personnel. More >>


China is quietly and rapidly ramping up its commercial space launch industry. More >>


TU Dresden physicists test EmDrive and Mach Effect Thrusters in SpaceDrive Project, but questions st... More >>


This Week in Engineering is our weekly science and tech news show. More >>


Collaborative development platform Launch Forth foresees an accessible future, offers engineers ways... More >>


A Cornell University teams has developed a 3D battery that charges quickly using self-assembly nanos... More >>


New field of biohybrid robotics fuses biology with engineering to improve machine movement and funct... More >>


Sensory network could give prosthetic devices—and someday, robots—a sense of touch. More >>


German engineers from Tinkerbots have created a new programming tool to teach kids coding and roboti... More >>


Researchers have developed a simulation that could help machines learn to perform tasks without the ... More >>


Gripper hand mimics human touch to harvest delicate plants efficiently without damaging them. More >>


British designer has created furniture pieces that assemble without tools, adhesives, or fasteners. More >>


Carnegie Mellon University researchers develop self-healing material for soft electronics. More >>


This Week in Engineering (TWIE) is our weekly science and engineering news show. Check it out! More >>


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