Part of the fun working in robotics research comes from seeing just how far you can push a concept. More >>


Pawel Zadrozniak is a Polish electronics enthusiast with an unusual instrument. More >>


A 3D bioprinting technique could potentially provide the ability to create artificial blood vessels ... More >>


We recap the best work of Homer, Martin Prince, Professor Frink, and more. More >>


Sonic toothbrush with new head shape can brush a full mouth full of teeth in thirty seconds. More >>


Stretchable, resilient and inexpensive circuits are made with an inkjet printer. More >>


Piper has three new modules released to enhance its Raspberry Pi computing kit. More >>


Matter and Form’s V2 3D scanner offers a simple way to digitize physical objects. More >>


By using 3D imaging instead of motion-sensing cameras, the Walabot can detect motion through obstacl... More >>


China’s Navy investment and missile capabilities are reshaping how the US Navy operates in the Asia-... More >>


This Week in Engineering is our science and technology news show. More >>


Groundbreaking new technology harnesses twisted light beams to carry more data and process it faster... More >>


University of Washington researchers develop device that tracks how 3D-printed objects are used with... More >>


Vision system based on a crustacean’s eyes could boost the ability of autonomous vehicles to spot ha... More >>


Company has developed microscope the size of your fingertip, built for smartphones, and running up t... More >>


Founded only last year, Aeva claims its invention does a better job of scanning the environment than... More >>


Material reacts with carbon dioxide from the air to repair itself and get stronger. More >>


This Week in Engineering is our science and tech news show. More >>


SB Components has moved from creating Pi cases to Pi laptops. More >>


Capable of locating agents in physically complex, unknown and infrastructure-poor environments. More >>


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