Origami-based structure filters radio frequency, enabling changes to which frequency signals they bl... More >>


The Electric Eel Wheel Mini has been redesigned and updated to Version 2. More >>


New technique incorporates electronics directly into textile fibers. More >>


Rocketbook takes their Optical Character Recognition software and turns it to whiteboards. More >>


System stores excess heat from solar or wind power in tanks of white-hot molten silicon. More >>


UPV/EHU-University of the Basque Country’s Quantum Technologies for Information Sciences team create... More >>


Robot swarms that wirelessly communicate develop a distributed neural network “artificial group mind... More >>


Katharina Unger from LIVIN Farms talks about her insect protein production, offers second meal worm ... More >>


The Leonardo da Vinci Robot Society is offering a drawing robot based on da Vinci's robotic drawings... More >>


Can a robot jump out of the water in the streamlined and graceful way of aquatic animals? More >>


Nanotube smart skin makes it easier to find stress spots on aircraft and other structures. More >>


Robot developed by Ventur Studio rides along bed surfaces and can also clean in handheld mode. More >>


New type of methane fuel cell runs on cheap fuel at temperatures comparable to automobile engines. More >>


Humanoid-shaped robot can already take on simple construction jobs. More >>


Robin Baumgarten has created an installation that is building quantum fluid behavioral data. More >>


Using the electrical field of an electron microscope, researchers melt gold at room temperatures. More >>


ORNL team is developing carbon fiber composites that can self-monitor for damage and structural issu... More >>


Cambridge Department of Engineering announces winners of ZEISS Photography Competition. More >>


Carnegie Mellon University researchers develop magnetic materials for a more efficient and lightweig... More >>


The X-59 QueSST aircraft would set off a quiet thump instead of a loud sonic boom—making commercial ... More >>


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