Laser-powered insect-sized drone operates without need of a tether. More >>


Machine would harvest ice to create fuel for lunar development and colonization. More >>


Professors from Berkeley and San Jose University have teamed up to develop 3D printers for clay and ... More >>


A new project has created autonomous watercraft that are cheaper to make, safer to operate, and more... More >>


Engineers at Nanyang Technological University developed an algorithm for robots to assemble IKEA cha... More >>


This Week in Engineering (TWIE) is our weekly science and tech news show. More >>


New microrobotics system that pushes forward the frontiers of optical nanotechnologies. More >>


Graphene-based material could revolutionize the construction industry. More >>


Tape measure takes your body size data, tracks it to give a picture of overall health. More >>


Individual components would launch separately and combine in orbit. More >>


Freight would be transported at over 600 mph. More >>


This Week in Engineering (TWIE) is our weekly science and tech news show. More >>


Drone-like vehicle is an electric VTOL taxi. More >>


Simone Giertz tells us why we should invent stupid things, and how her machines helped with her perf... More >>


Fret Zealot is back with a new system of teaching guitar, this time with a focus on the bass. More >>


Researchers and engineers from the University of Wisconsin–Madison have designed a wearable device t... More >>


New design seeks to breed creativity, help users translate ideas to paper. More >>


Machines inspired by insects on Earth could help study the planet. More >>


Fission Power would enable longer, crewed off-world missions. More >>


Boston Dynamics’ SpotMini, a quadrupedal robot designed to autonomously guide itself along complex r... More >>


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