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Major New Developments in Organic Materials
Researchers at Likoping University in Sweden have demonstrated new developments in electrochemical l...
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Self-parking Slippers Entertain Guests in Japan
Japanese ryokan entertains guests with semi-autonomous parking technology applied to furniture and s...
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May the Force Be with You Too in a Few Years?
The engineering dean of FAMU-FSU discusses the science behind the development of a lightsaber.
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Researchers at MIT Demonstrate New “Living Tattoo” Technique
A team of researchers at MIT have demonstrated a new 3D-printed living tattoo using genetically engi...
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Google Engineer Trumps Stock Market with Twitter
Richard Braun has built an automated investment bot to analyze tweets from President Donald Trump.
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Predicting Material Defects with X-Ray Imaging
New imaging technique could prove useful for hydrogen storage, sensing and purification applications...
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