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Digital Fabrication Control - Hack Your Own
The Smoothieboard Kickstarter gives users the opportunity to run a cnc mill, 3d printer and laser cu...
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Robotic Boat Attempts Atlantic Crossing
Autonomous boat has travelled 1000 miles en route from Rhode Island to Spain
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Secret Operation 610 – A Mobile Lab

A consortium of Dutch architects and artists have just unveiled Secret Operation 610 – a menac... More >>
How William Harnessed the Wind
William Kamkwamba built a windmill in Malawi to irrigate his family farm and generate electricity
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World’s First Carbon Nanotube Computer
Stanford researchers reveal a way to produce ultra-capacity processors  
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F-16 Drones To Train Fighter Pilots

The US Airforce (USAF), like air forces across the globe, spends a tremendous amount of time and cap... More >>
Hopping Robot for Mars
CO2 to fuel radioisotope thermal rocket engine
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Caterham Cars’ Futuristic AeroSeven

Caterham Cars has been in the business of recreating vintage roaster for quite some time. However, t... More >>
Designing an Invisible Tower
Korean skyscraper will use LED technology to disappear
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DARPA Funds A Stealthy, Bulletproof, Robotic Walker

Boston Dynamics has long been known as an innovator in the world of advanced robotics. Leveraging th... More >>
Burst Hazard: Plastic Wheels Can’t Take the Pressure
L.L. Bean boat cart is recalled due to injuries resulting from bursting wheels.
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Biomaterials for the 21st Century - a Moonshot Idea
Robert Langer is developing a new breed of materials for surgeons of the future
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The World's Fastest Car?
 Keating debuts prototype of its Bolt supercar.
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1955 Lincoln Indianapolis Exclusive Study

Created in a joint venture between Detroit’s Lincoln and Italy’s Carrosozzeria Boana the... More >>
3d Scanning for your iPad
The Structure Sensor is Kickstarter funding a new way to scan objects and exist in augmented reality...
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DARPA Looking for Space Plane Inventors
Agency seeks technical proposals for space plane that can launch satellites
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The Artificial Leaf - A Moonshot Proposal
Sunlight and water could meet the growing need for personalized energy
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Tesla Working on Autonomous Car
Electric supercar maker to have 90 percent autonomous fleet in 3 years.
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Human Powered Speed Record Broken

At the World Human Speed Championships in Battle Mountain, Nevada a team from the Delft Unviersity o... More >>
Fat Cells to Stem Cells - A Moonshot Idea
Susan Lim is working to use fat cells and transplant cells instead of transplanting full organs.
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