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Engineering a music video
Music, machines and life lessons
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Brain to Brain Communication Breakthrough
Washington researcher remotely controls colleague’s movements in the freakiest scientific adva...
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Designer Edge Image of the Day – Warrior Web Phase B

The modern soldier has a heavy burden to bear. Beyond their daily responsibilities soldiers often ha... More >>
Toyota Racing Hybrid Concept
Super-capacitors give this car a jump on the competition.
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Designer Edge Image of the Day – The Alternating Gradient Synchrotron

Particle accelerators can produce some pretty awesome images as they record the scattering of quanta... More >>
Wifi from Light bulbs - A Moonshot Idea
LED bulbs can transform light into a wireless signal
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Boeing’s 787-9 Rolls Set to Take Flight
Boeing’s on “Cloud-9”with the release of its Dreamliner variant
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Designer Edge Image of the Day – An UV Venusian Eclipse

When we think of a solar eclipse we usually imagine it involving the Moon, however, last year a more... More >>
The Laraki Epitome
Concept car transports you into the future, now. 
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Designer Edge Image of the Day – VIDEO: NASA’s Asteroid Mission

While we’ve known that NASA is planning at least one trip to an asteroid in the near future, w... More >>
Paper Emergency Shelters
Architect designs complex buildings made with cardboard
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Ranza Plaza building collapse and the lack of engineering oversight
Shortcuts in engineering lead to shortfalls in performance
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Are Smartphones Just Tricorders in Disguise?

In remote corners of the world, medical diagnostics are difficult tasks. Now a new kit that runs off... More >>
Designer Edge Image of the Day – Cracking Europa’s Icy Crust

Before any rockets to Europa launch each aspect of their respective missions will have to be planned... More >>
The 1000HP Ford GT
Ford’s answer to the Viper and Corvette
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Designer Edge Image of the Day – F-35B Night Landing at Sea

It seems that the X-47B isn’t the only aircraft being put through it’s paces at sea. In ... More >>
Looking for Racing Tickets? ANSYS is Giving them Away

ANSYS and long-time simulation partner, Ferrari, want to send you and a guest to experience the FIA ... More >>
The Safest Car Ever Tested
You’ll be surprised what car got 5 stars in every category
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Designer Edge Image of the Day – Oblivion's UI Interfaces

Since their first screenings movies have helped engineers, designers and futurists visualize a futur... More >>
Converting Photons for Solar Power - a moonshot project
Upconverting photons allows PV cells to use more of the sun's energy
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