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GMZ’s New Thermoelectric Generators Offer Increased Fuel Efficiency
A new class of thermoelectric generators could bring about greater fuel efficiency. Could they help ...
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Hacking cellphones to save the rainforest

Topher White says that he has a solution to illegal rainforest logging operations. His company, Rain... More >>
Regenerating Bones Requires Good Doctors and Good Engineers
Regenerative medicine is here, and it’s a collaborative effort.
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SOS! Inflatable Airbags to Buoy Damaged Vessels?
New rapidly inflatable balloon technology could keep damaged ships afloat. But how reliable are thes...
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First Method For Controlling the Growth of Metal Crystals Developed
Researchers have announced the first ever method for controlling the growth of metal-crystals from s...
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Researchers Create Spectral Ruler For Measuring Star
Researchers Create Spectral Ruler For Measuring Star
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Ford Introduces New Airbag System Design
Ford introduces a new airbag system. Using new materials and construction techniques the 2015 Mustan...
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Olin College students build a face-tracking marshmallow cannon
The Confectionery Cannon tracks faces and then shoots a marshmallow toward the mouth hole.
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Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle to Hit Japanese Street in 2015, Sticker: $69K
Toyota will release its fuel cell vehicle in late 2015. While eco-friendly its still not cheap. Is $...
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New High Temp Fiber Optic Sensors Could be a Breakthrough for Oil, Nuclear Industries

By fusing together the concepts of active fiber sensors and high-temperature fiber sensors, a team o... More >>
New Device Allows Brain To Bypass Spinal Cord, Move Paralyzed Limbs

For the first time ever, a paralyzed man can move his fingers and hand with his own thoughts thanks ... More >>
A Versatile, Playful Joystick For Animation Artists and Designers
A newly created joystick brings digital animation into the real world. Could it help product designe...
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Robotic Weapons Systems Give Choppers Cover
A new robotic weapon system will help protect helicopters when under fire. How long will it before r...
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BMW Brings Gestural Control to It's QA Process

At the BMW Group, the fourth Industrial Revolution has already begun: A project in the bumper produc... More >>
Mathematical Models Explain How a Wrinkle Becomes a Crease
Mathematical models explain how a wrinkle becomes a crease. Can the discovery aid flexible circuit a...
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SPARK - energy generation through motion, in Kenya
Sudha Kheterpal wants to bring electricity to the 75% of Kenyans who don't currently have access.
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World's First Magnetic Hose Created

The magnetic hose designed by the researchers consists of a ferromagnetic cylinder covered by a supe... More >>
The First Demonstration of a Self-powered Cardiac Pacemaker

As the number of pacemakers implanted each year reaches into the millions worldwide, improving the l... More >>
The ESA Wants to Harpoon Space Debris
In an effort to clean up the growing cloud of space-junk orbiting the Earth the ESA is looking to ha...
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New Particle-Sorting Method Breaks Speed Records
A new particle sorting discovery could lead to new ways of detecting cancer cells or purifying conta...
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