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NASA Ion Engine Sets Duration Record

If NASA is ever to travel to infinity and beyond, they’re going to have use something other th... More >>
Designer Edge Image of the Day – 6-28-13 - Addidas Springblade Shoes

Germany shoe manufacturer Addidas has just announced the release of their newest shoes, the Springbl... More >>
SRT Releases Viper Race Car
Chrysler’s SRT unveils its newest track ready race car.  
More >>
Designer Edge Image of the Day – 6-27-13 – Robot Apes on the Moon?

Scientists at the German Research Center of Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) are working on a robotic ... More >>
MIT Develops Cheap Hologram Technology
One step closer to sending messages like Princess Leia
More >>
Designer Edge Image of the Day – 6-26-13 – Google Maps the Burj Kalifa

We’re all familiar with Google Maps and its Street View feature. Well, now Google is extending... More >>
Robotic Birds Take Flight
Researchers create a robotic bird capable of advanced flight.
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Designer Edge Image of the Day - 6-25-13 - Volvo's Self-Parking Car [VIDEO]
Swedish auto maker Volvo has begun testing a car with automated parking capabilities
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Nissan Debuts World’s Fastest Car
World’s fastest electric car unveiled at LeMans
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Designer Edge Image of the Day - 6-24-13 - Milky Way 2 Supercomputer

For the second time in a year China is home to the world’s fastest supercomputer.  Named ... More >>
Future of Flight to be Quieter and Greener
E-Thrust hybrid propulsion concept meant for commercial aviation. 
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Designer Edge Image of the Day -6-21-13 – Saving Kepler

Last month NASA made the surprise announcement that its Kepler mission to hunt for exoplanets might ... More >>
Bomb Disposal Robot from Johns Hopkins Researchers
Robo-Sally features advanced prosthetics for dangerous and delicate work.
More >>
Designer Edge Image of the Day – 6-20-13 – Hot Air Powered Helicopter

Belgian startup Sagita is looking to redesign the helicopter by making is significantly more efficie... More >>
Sukhoi’s Su-35 Wows at the Paris Air Show
Sukhoi’s answer to the F-22 Raptor makes a breathtaking debut
More >>
Designer Edge Image of the Day - 6-19-13 - NYCs Solar Powered Charging Stations

AT&T, Goal Zero and design firm PENSA have rolled out new solar powered charging station to give... More >>
Eurocopter X3 Breaks Heli Speed Record

In test near Marseille, France, Eurocopter’s X3 has broken both the level flight and diving he... More >>
Designer Edge Image of the Day – 6-18-13 – The VUHL Supercar

In a first for the world of supercars a Mexico based company, VŪHL, will unveil its first design at ... More >>
Pininfarina’s Sergio Nearing Production

For the past 80 years Pininfarina has represented the pinnacle of automotive design.  Since its... More >>
Designer Edge Image of the Day – 6-17-13 – Recharge Your Car in 20 Minutes

A new  charger design, developed by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), uses DC power to... More >>

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