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U.S., China collaborate on green building research
Government, academia and industrial partners seek to improve adoption and performance of energy effi...
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Team Numb to launch two stage beer keg rocket
Portland, Oregon rocket team is running a campaign to fund their two stage, two keg rocket.
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Teen invents battery-free flashlight
Ann Makosinski is a teenager from British Columbia with big ideas and a great new flashlight.
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Google Unveils its First Self-Driving Car
Google unveils a fully functioning prototype of its driverless car. Will consumers be quick to adopt...
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Stellarators Back Online After Decades in the Dark
New computer models breathe life back into an old fusion design, but will it help advance energy res...
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Fighting cancer with cancer - A moonshot project
Scientists in Pennsylvania developed a method to target and destroy cancer cells using HIV cells.
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Wind Turbine Retrofits Increase Their Efficiency
A new wind turbine retrofit makes older turbines more efficient and renewable energy cheaper. Will i...
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Voltset - Intelligent Multimeter for your smartphone
Voltset is developing a multimeter to intelligently sense your application.
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Mag-Lev Train Could Reach 2900 Km/h
A new maglev concept could help trains reach super-sonic speeds and maybe be the precursor of a new ...
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Ford Celebrates 10 years of Sustainable Manufacturing at Dearborn
Ford shows that sustainable steps in manufacturing work.
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Navy’s GelMan Gets a New Brain, Then Blown Up
Research into the effects and mitigation of blast injury takes on a new reality.
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New Telescope Could Confirm the Existence of Wormholes

Although the gravitational clout of a black hole is one of the most tremendous forces in the Univers... More >>
Robots learn to do chores at Berkeley
Pieter Abbiel shows off his autonomous learning robots.
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NanoMotors Shrink Again; Could Help Fight Cancer

Researchers at the University of Texas (UT) developed a new nanomotor that’s faster, smaller a... More >>
Heat Direct to Electric Energy - A Moonshot Project
Lonnie Johnson presents his plan to drastically increase engine efficiency.
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Lab-on-a-chip Detects Cancer Early and On the Cheap
A new lab-on-a-chip could make early stage cancer diagnosis much easier and ubiquitous, saving many ...
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MIT Lab Creates Cheaper, Glasses-Free 3D
With holograms still a ways off, MIT researchers create a cheap, multi-perspective 3D system.
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IBM Announces a New Class of Polymers

Since their development in the late-19th to early 20th century, plastics have been crucial in creati... More >>
SkyBean - Low cost, high quality variometer for pilots
SkyBean is a variometer built to be strong, long lasting and affordable.
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MBLOK - One memory for all devices
The MBLOK Kickstarter brings the next generation of file storage.
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