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Artificial Heart is Half Machine, Half Cow
: Artificial heart to use bovine membrane, software and sensors. 
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Designer Edge Image of the Day – 5-31-13 – Homemade Lightsaber

Since Star Wars’ debut in 1977 people across the world have been amazed by the beauty and leth... More >>
Alvin Upgrade Coming Along Swimmingly
Retrofit of research sub demonstrates challenges of deep sea exploration 
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Designer Edge Image of the Day - 5-30-13 - Aston Martin's V-12 Vantage S

In celebration of its 100 year anniversary, British car manufacturer Aston Martin is releasing a new... More >>
Google Acquires Unique Airborne Wind Turbine Technology
Google’s advanced research division, Google[x], buys wind energy startup
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Designer Edge Image of the Day - 5-29-13 - Solar Impulse Breaks Solar Powered Flight Record

Last week the Solar Impulse aircraft broke its own record for longest solar-powered flight when it c... More >>
6,000 Mile Long Panoramic Photo
NASA satellite captures images of the “Long Swath”
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Designer Edge Image of the Day - 5-23-13 - China's Sky City

Changsha, China could be home to the world’s tallest building by the end of the year. Accordin... More >>
IKEA style Truck for the Developing World
Flat pack and assemble-on-site vehicle for remote villages
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Designer Edge Image of the Day - F-35B Vertical Take Off & Landing

Lockheed Martin has just announced that its F-35B fighter jet has completed its first successful ver... More >>
Teen Creates Cheap Self-Driving Car, Wins Top Intel Prize

Nineteen-year-old Romanian Ionut Budisteanu has won top prize at the Intel International Science wit... More >>
Designer Edge Image of the Day - 5-21-13 - Aston Martin's CC100

English auto company Aston Martin are celebrating its 100th birthday by unveiling their stunning CC1... More >>
Harnessing the Wind and Tide in One Power Station

According to MODEC, a Japanese engineering firm, the world’s first hybrid wind-current power g... More >>
Designer Edge Image of the Day – 5-2-13 – A Bright Explosion on the Moon

Among the numerous jobs that NASA takes care of on a daily basis is the critical task of monitoring ... More >>
NASA & Google Team Up For AI Research

At its week-long conference in San Francisco, Google announced that it is partnering with NASA to fu... More >>
Designer Edge Image of the Day - 5-17-13 - NASA's Next Shuttle?

Sierra Nevada Corporation’s Dream Chaser recently arrived at the NASA Dryden Flight Research C... More >>
Discount Space Station - SkyLab2
The International Space Station will be retired in 2020.  NASA has plans for an economic new ou...
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Designer Edge Image of the Day - 5-16-13 - X-47B Launched From Carrier Deck

Earlier this week the X-47B, a highly publicized UAV developed by Northrop Grumman, made history by ... More >>
Will Quantum Computer up-end Moore’s Law?

Moore’s Law famously states that the number of transistors on a microchip doubles every year.&... More >>
Designer Edge Image of the Day - 5-15-13 - A View from 1,776ft Above Manhattan

Just a few short days ago the new World Trade Center became the tallest tower in North America and t... More >>

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