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Microgrippers Untether Diagnostic Medicine

A team of researchers at Johns Hopkins University have developed a micrometer-sized tool to help per... More >>
Designer Edge Image of the Day - 4-30-13 - SpaceShipTwo Ingites its Rockets

At approximately 7:55 AM on Monday, Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShip Two executed the first live bu... More >>
World’s Fastest Boat Attempts Trans-Pacific Voyage

In a bid to cement firmly cement its place in naval history, the world’s fastest ship, the Hyd... More >>
Designer Edge Image of the Day - 4-29-13 - Prototyping Super Sonic Jets

A 1.79 percent scale model of a conceptual Boeing aircraft sits inside a wind tunnel at NASA’s... More >>
America’s Top Ten Greenest Buildings

In commemoration of Earth Day, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) named the top ten greenest... More >>
Designer Edge Image of the Day - 4-26-13 - NASA's SDO Creates Incredible Video of the Sun

Over the course of the last 3 years NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) has been recording... More >>
NASA Piggybacks SmartPhone Satellites

This week’s launch of the Antares rocket by Orbital Science Corporation was more than a test o... More >>
Designer Edge Image of the Day - 4-25-13 - The Hovercraft

Hovercraft have been around since the 1960’s and while they still seem somewhat futuristic the... More >>
IBM to Revolutionize Cost of Solar Power, with a Side Benefit

The cost of harnessing solar power has been too high to be deployed without government aid.  No... More >>
Designer Edge Image of the Day - 4-23-13 - TIGRESS Detector

Pictured above is a close-up of the TIGRESS detector’s dedicated experimental beam line. Based... More >>
Designer Edge Image of the Day - 4-23-13 - Orbital Sciences's Antares Rocket

Looks like SpaceX has some competition when it comes to delivering payloads to the ISS. Orbital Scie... More >>
Shanghai Auto Show

This week Chinese and international audiences will be treated to new automobile designs debuting at ... More >>
DARPA FANG Challenge - $1M to the winners

In 2010 the Department of Defense and DARPA began an unprecedented program to crowd-source the creat... More >>
Designer Edge Image of the Day - 4-22-13 - The World's Cheapest Cellphone?

During a recent trip to Mintong Digital Mall in Shenzhen, China, Andrew "bunnie" Huang may have foun... More >>
Edison2 Moves Toward Production

The Edison2 VLC (Very Light Car) is moving closer to full scale production. Since winning the Progre... More >>
Designer Edge Image of the Day - 4-19-13 - Bio Cleaner II Robotic Snake

Designed by Hsiang-Han Hsu, Tzu-I Wen, Jhih-Jie Wang and Yih-Wenn Luo of the Fortune Institute of Te... More >>
Micro-Battery Breakthrough

Researchers at the University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign have engineered a new Li-Ion batt... More >>
Designer Edge Image of the Day - 4-18-13 - Google Street View Hyperlapse

Today’s Image of the Day is actually a video. Using Google Street View Images Teehan+Lax Labs ... More >>
Shelter Assembly in 25 Minutes. No Tools Required.

When natural disasters strike, one of the most pressing need is for shelter, since many homes are of... More >>
Designer Edge Image of the Day - 4-17-13 - SpaceShipTwo Cold Flow Test

High above the Mojave Desert SpaceShipTwo successfully completes another milestone test. On the heel... More >>

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