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Rolls Royce and the Autonomous High Seas
Rolls Royce’s maritime drones could be the future of shipping. But will they ever cross the hi...
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Kenguru - The Electric Vehicle for Wheelchair Users
A new vehicle will allow wheelchair users to drive without aid from others.
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Traffic Robots in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Isaie Therese built and installed two traffic control robots in Kinshasa, the capital of Congo.
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Q-Warrior is the Soldier’s Google Glass
A new helmet mounted display brings wearable computing to the battlefield.
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Spike Aerospace’s Windowless Jet Gives Passengers a Great View

Supersonic private jet startup Spike Aerospace is looking to push the aircraft design envelope a bit... More >>
Forget a Soft Landing, Let’s Just Harpoon That Asteroid
Off-world sample collection missions might get a bit easier thanks to new robotic impactors.
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Hydrogen Power to Clean Up Ports
Clean energy is much needed in this “dirty” business
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Hennessey Venom GT Breaks Bugatti’s Speed Record

At NASA’s Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral Florida the Hennessey Venom GT has upped the ... More >>
NASA Satellite Exposes Supernovae Origins
NASA’s Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array gives scientists a better view of supernovae orig...
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Rossetta's Portrait Above Mars

On 25 February 2007 the Rosetta satellite passed just 250 km from the surface of Mars. Rosetta&rsquo... More >>
Seafloor Carpets Could Harness Oceanic Energy
Engineers at UC Berkeley have designed a system to harness the power of waves using a seafloor carpe...
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Braigo - the Lego-made Braille printer built by a twelve year old
Shubham Banarjee built a cheap alternative to Braille printers from his Lego Mindstorms kit.
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Lotus Debuts its First Motorbike - The C-01

After two years of developments world renowned automaker Lotus has debuted its first motorcycle, the... More >>
Artificial Muscles from Household Materials
How fishing line is making flexible control simpler, stronger and cheaper.
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Stretchable Optical Circuits Have Futuristic Possibilities
Flexible, stretchable circuits could be key to the development of wearable sensors and even more fut...
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Terrafugia, the Flying Car - A Moonshot Project
Terrafugia wants to launch street legal aircraft by 2016.
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Pomegranate-Inspired Battery Breakthrough
Researchers inspired by the pomegranate’s arils produce a breakthrough in battery design.
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Mortar Fired Cameras Give Soldiers an Eye in the Sky

Mortars have been around since the middle 15th century. Since that time they’ve progressed qui... More >>
Artificial Vision - A Moonshot Project
Yael Hanein is using carbon nanotubes to develop a better artificial retina.
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NASA’s CT-2 Preps for Larger Deep Space Launches
NASA’s famous crawler-transporter gets an upgrade in preparation for more ambitious NASA voyag...
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