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Boston University team plans launch of Project Starscraper suborbital rockets

The Boston University Rocket Propulsion Group (BURPG) is planning a launch of their next generation ... More >>
DuPont Celebrates One Millionth Kevlar Vest, Says “Dare Bigger”
Kevlar saves lives and encourages others to live more.
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A "Sweet" Take on Self-Healing Polymers
Sugar a key ingredient for simplifying healing methods.
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PlexiDrone is ready to change commercial aerial photography

Klever Freire wanted a drone that was cheaper than current products, easy to assemble and consumer f... More >>
Nature’s Solution for Nuclear Storage
Crystalline ceramics inspired by natural minerals may improve safety long-term.
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SmartBird - robotic glider imitates herring gull's flight
Markus Fischer and his team from Festo created a glider that flies like a bird.
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Stethee - handheld heartbeat monitor and health tracker

Nayyar Hussain and his team at Medic8 Health PL want to give people the tools to easily track and mo... More >>
Pyro Fireshooter - create balls of fire from thin air
Ellusionist has released a new device that is more exciting, more dangerous than most holiday gifts.
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Computers Now Rival Primates in Object Recognition
Newly developed neural networks rival primates when it comes to object recognition. Are they the rig...
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3D Printing Enhances the Effectiveness of Radiotherapy
Scientists use 3D printing to make replica organs for enhanced cancer therapy.
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Zero-G Espresso Cup Developed for the ISS
A new design for a micro-gravity cup will soon bring espresso to the ISS.
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World’s Cleanest Car?
The Nissan Leaf is now even cleaner.
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Converting breath to speech - Google Science Fair project
Sixteen year old inventor in India has developed a device that inputs breaths and outputs speech, wi...
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Project Odyssee - water desalination using wave power
Students from Sherbrooke University look to Kickstarter to fund their ambitious fresh water conversi...
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Instant-Start Computers May Now Be Possible
A new breakthrough in memory technology might make instant-start computers a reality.
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Natural Gas Cars! But How Do You Carry Enough Fuel?
Cars that run on natural gas are touted as efficient and environmentally friendly, but getting enoug...
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Kepler Proves It Can Still Find Planets
Even after its malfunction last year the Kepler telescope continues to discover exoplanets. Case in ...
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Airplane Powered By Solar Energy To Make First Round-The-World-Trip

Solar Impulse made headlines last year when a solar-powered single-seater plane travelled from Cali... More >>
The Measure of Our Space Programs… In Horses
Ever wonder how much a Saturn V  weighs, or how much it can carry? Xkcd provides us that info, ...
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Voyager 1 is Buoyed by Solar Tsunamis in Interstellar Space
As Voyager 1 continues into interstellar space solar-generated tsunamis are creating  some roug...
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