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Engineers find new possibilities for Li-ion batteries by taking a "deeper" look
Material defects may be in an advanced stage before they are typically observed.
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The Magnic Light iC Kickstarter Creates Efficient Intelligent Light

Dirk Strothmann has already held a successful Kickstarter campaign for his Magnic Light bike lights,... More >>
Supersonic Private Jet Readies For Take-off
The Spike S-512 could be the world’s first private supersonic flyer.
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Lamborghini’s Huracan 610-4

In a bid to update its successful Gallardo supercar, Lamborghini has given the World a sneak peak of... More >>
Strategic investment can decrease cost and foreign dependence for wind energy
Key areas can improve operational reliability and domestic production capabilities
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Google's SCHAFT robot wins DARPA Robotics Challenge Trials 2013
Google recently acquired the SCHAFT company and brought their SCHAFT robot to win DARPA's Robotics C...
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Amazon's Robotic Order Fulfillment
Amazon's largest robotics acquisition didn't get a lot of press, but it's a huge gamechanger.
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AK-47 Inventor dies at 94
A look back at Kalishnikov’s famous firearm
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SliceCase - a Kickstarter for Customizable Project Boxes
After spending hundreds of hours on a prototype why hide it under a uniform lifeless case?
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The AirMule Readies Itself for a Full Demo
An autonomous extraction vehicle might be rescuing wounded soldiers sooner than you think.
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Why our nation’s top engineers are sometimes just kids at heart
Jeff Wilcox, co-founder of the National Engineering Forum, talks about engineering toys of yesteryea...
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A Functioning, Life-Sized Hot Rod Made of Legos
In a recent video, a small “start-up” shows off its life-sized, fully functional Lego ho...
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Rice Engineering Students Build Robotic Arm
Rice University engineering students have completed a robotic arm to assist a student with brittle b...
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IBM’s 5 in 5 for 2013
IBM’s annual 5 in 5 list focuses on innovations that will change our lives in the next five ye...
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Big improvements to medical implants come from small scale engineering
Same material. New possibilities. Materials engineering can teach an old dog new tricks.
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Ministry of Defense Unveils Its New Successor Subs
The UK’s Ministry of Defence has unveiled the future of its nuclear deterrent fleet – th...
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First Tricorders, Next Artificial Intelligence - A Moonshot Project
Peter Jansen builds tricorders to absorb data and build curiosity.
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China’s Jade Rabbit Deploys on the Lunar Surface

Just days after its successful landing on the Moon China’s Jade Rabbit has rolled away from th... More >>
NASA’s Asteroid Bound Spacesuit
A new, more flexible spacesuit takes aim at asteroid exploration.
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Hubble Catches A Glimpse Of Europa’s Ice Jets

In recent observations the Hubble Space Telescope has produced more compelling evidence that water j... More >>

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