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Robot Swarms – Small Bots for Big Jobs

Swarm Robotics is a relatively new theory based on swarm behavior seen in ant and bee colonies. ... More >>
The Most Expensive Cars in the World

According to Forbes magazine the average price of a car in the US is $30,303. Unfortunately, that am... More >>
IBM Plans to Extend UI to All 5 Senses

IBM has released a series of videos that forecast the future of computing in five years’ time.... More >>
Handcuff Technology. A Brighter Future?

The design for handcuffs has been pretty much the same for centuries. Just take two steel or iron cu... More >>
Can a Zebrafish grow “Hands”?

Zebrafish are commonly used in biological research because they are model organisms. Wikipedia defin... More >>
NASA Grail Mission Ends With a BANG

On September 10, 2011 two small spacecraft, GRAIL A and GRAIL B, were launched aboard a single Delta... More >>
Injectable Foam Stops the Bleeding

War has awful consequences. Soldiers are wounded and killed. The Department of Defense has a goal to... More >>
Robots Clean Up the Fukushima Reactor

Some jobs are better left to robots. Take, for example, cleaning up a catastrophic failure at a nucl... More >>
Propulsion on an Interstellar Scale – the Quantum Vacuum Plasma Thruster

You might think, “Hey, the fastest moving man-made object, the Voyager 1 spacecraft, is cruisi... More >>
As the Holiday Nears, Here’s a Few Gift Recommendations… From 1983
As the Holiday Nears, Here’s a Few Gift Recommendations… From 1983
More >>
Thinking Small, On a Really Big Scale –

When I was a kid my Dad and I built model railway tracks that wove through rooms, dipped under furni... More >>
Looking Deeper Into the Big Bang – The Murchison Widefield Array

For the last 13.7 billion years the Universe has been expanding, but for the first 400 million years... More >>
Light Weight, Inexpensive Wind Power – It’s Going to Happen

Wind generated electricity has steadily become a greater part of many countries power generation por... More >>
Vintage Space Tech Videos - What Can NASA Do For You?

When you hear the word NASA, what do you think? Do you think of the moon, the shuttle, the internati... More >>
Mind Controlled Prosthetics Becoming a Reality
Mind Controlled Prosthetics Becoming a Reality
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