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Chevy’s 1964 CERV II
Auto innovation has a long history and one of its greatest tail is the development of the Chevy CERV...
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Arizona State creates Synthetic Spider Webs - A Moonshot Project
Arizona State researchers are researching spider silk to make materials with more strength and more ...
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Engineering Better Batteries through Self-Healing Materials
More capability requires clever design
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Lucra’s L148 Pushes the Limits of Lightweight, Supercar Construction
Boutique automaker Lucra Cars’ new L148 could rival Bugatti’s Veyron for World’s F...
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ATLAS Stumbles on the Eve of Its Big Trial

With virtual trials behind them DARPA’s Robotics Challenge is set to begin its first “li... More >>
Chinese Drone’s First Flight Sparks Widespread Speculation
China’s “Sharp Sword” UCAV makes its first test flight.
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Could UAV Helis Replace Cranes & Construction Workers?

In an effort to extend the abilities of UAVs engineers at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) have cre... More >>
Build Your Own Computer with the Kano Kickstarter
The Kano Kickstarter wants makers of all ages to join the technically literate revolution.
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Taizhou Bridge Takes Home Top Structural Engineering Prize
The Taizhou Bridge is this year’s winner of the Supreme Award for Structural Engineering Excel...
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Zee.Aero The Compact Flying Car

In the past we’ve shown you a few flying car designs. While some were more fantasy than realit... More >>
Miniature Valves Reduce Energy Consumption in Medical Equipment
Miniature valves not only minimize design space, but can reduce power consumption by up to 75% too.
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The World’s Tallest, Fastest Water Slide
A terrifying waterslide under construction in America’s heartland looks to become the fastest ...
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Gravity Light Offers a Safe Affordable Alternative to Kerosene Lamps
A generator powered by gravity brings cheap and safe energy to those in need.
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Unrealized Da Vinci Instrument Finally Built
Five-hundred years after it was designed, Leonardo Da Vinci’s viola organist has built built a...
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SpaceX Passes Grueling NASA Safety Review
SpaceX is one step closer to launching manned missions after a successful NASA safety review.
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Tesla Vehicle Fires: Real Trouble or Just Technophobia
Do new technologies get a bad rap for "normal" problems?
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Twin-Turbine Street Luge to Crush Speed Records
One daring man attempts to break the street luge speed record with his twin turbine “jet luge&...
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Breathing BioMetal Regulates Building Temperature - A Moonshot Project
Doris Kim Sung shares her thermal biometals in this SolveForX talk, showing the ways that a breathin...
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Tianhe-2 Tops Supercomputer List

For the second consecutive time China’s Tianhe-2, which translates to “Milky Way 2&rdquo... More >>

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