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US Air Force Using Robotic Lasers

The US Air Force is looking to add robotic lasers to its arsenal  However, they won’t be ... More >>
Top-Down and Bottom-Up Design

One of the first steps in the Product Concept Design cycle is to decide how to organize your project... More >>
Immersive Virtual Reality

Immersive Virtual Reality This week I saw something that not many engineers have – an immersi... More >>
Marshlands Can Generate Electricity?

Situated on some of the lowest laying and flattest land in Europe, the Dutch face a future that is i... More >>
IBM Makes Advances Towards an Artificial Brain

Futurists like Ray Kurzweil have long predicted that one day computers would have computational abil... More >>
It’s Like We’re Living in the Future – Thanksgiving Edition

This Thursday millions of Americans will sit down to Thanksgiving dinner.  Most Thanksgiving tu... More >>
High Speed LTE Networks Have Major Vulnerabilities

By 2017 half of the world’s population will have LTE network coverage, according to telecommun... More >>
Space X Leading the Way in Renewed Manned Space Missions

First Space X Technologies docked their Dragon spacecraft with the ISS.  Now they’ve achi... More >>
Design Thinking Resource Center

Product Concept Design has undergone some major transformations since the beginning of the 20th cent... More >>
Product Concept Design – Past, Present, and Future

A brief history – Why product design is changing Product Concept Design has undergone some ma... More >>
Design Thinking – Empathy

When it comes to integrating Design Thinking into Product Concept Design, Empathy is the crux of the... More >>
Design Thinking – Collaboration

Now that you’ve digested the expectation of your core user group, and created a design stateme... More >>
Design Thinking – Integrative Thinking

Iterative Thinking is the most difficult part of the Design Thinking Methodology to add to your Prod... More >>
Design Thinking – Experimentalism

Most Product Concept Development cycles don’t take an experimental approach at their outset, a... More >>
Smart Insoles Offer More than Support

Orthopedic insoles have been used for years to remedy problems with limping, and gait abnormalities.... More >>
Mind Control Robots

"Basically we would like to create devices which would allow people to feel embodied, in the body of... More >>
The Navy Likes the Idea of Detonation Engines

Pulse Detonation Engines (PDEs) use detonation waves to ignite an engine’s fuel and oxidizer w... More >>
Coming Up Short Handed

Inspired by two distinctly different events, two men find a common problem and engineer a solution t... More >>

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