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Glass can take the impact… if it’s metal
Advances in amorphous metals may be just what’s needed in ballistic protection.
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Tokyo’s Cavernous Flood Protection System
Enormous tunnels protect Tokyo’s center from ever-increasing rainfall.
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Army Prosthetics Revolutionize the Industry

In every war some soldiers return from battle with limbs that are debilitated. In the past soldiers ... More >>
Can a Variable-Geometry Wing Design Improve Aerodynamics?
Innovative “morphing” wing geometry could reduce drag and save money
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Wind Powered Landmine Detection - A Moonshot Project
Massoud Hassani has created a wind powered device to detect and detonate landmines in his dangerous ...
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Designing an Accelerator to Investigate the Invisible
MIT researchers retune a particle accelerator to study dark matter.  
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Dream Chaser Flys Freely, Sustains Damage On Landing

Over the weekend Sierra Nevada Corporation's (SNC) Dream Chaser space plane flew freely for the firs... More >>
Green Desalination through Forward Osmosis
Forward osmosis may be the secret to efficient desalination.
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The Future of Robotic Space Exploration
Innovative prototypes reveal the probable shape of future robotic explorers.
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Kickstarting the Next Generation of Programmers
The botlogic Kickstarter campaign is set to fund gaming that will engage students while teaching the...
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Greener Energy with Integrated Transparent Solar Cells
Could solar cells in your smartphone’s screen power the device?
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Can High Tech Flood Gates Save Venice?
Can Italy’s Sinking City be Saved by Mobile Floodgates?
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Athletic and Adapting Quadcopters
Raffaello D'Andrea demonstrates amazing flying quadcopters while explaining the STEM concepts involv...
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Fire Fighting From Outer Space
Satellite could help snuff out forest fires
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Schumacher’s 97 Ferrari Up for Auction

A piece of F-1 racing history is going up for auction as Michael Schumacher’s 1997 Ferrari F31... More >>
In Denver, People Work Harder To Breathe but HVAC Equipment Doesn’t
Calculating the power needed to run HVAC systems
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Turning Carbon Emissions into Bricks
Newcastle pilot plant will turn CO2 into Green Buildings
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Space Tourism on the Cheap
High flying balloon could ferry tourists to space
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The Ivanpah Solar Facility

Located in Mojave Desert, on the border of California and Nevada, the Ivanpah Solar Power Facility r... More >>
Eureka Moment for North American Hydro Generation
Turbine Generator with Archimedes Screw
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