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Who’s got the BOM? Summary: Government control of the nuclear football
Governance is key to achieving a useful and universal BOM
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Water-Based Printing Could Eliminate Paper Waste
A water-based printing method could help cut down on paper consumption by creating prints that fade.
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Humanizing the Robotic Hand at ASU - A Moonshot Project
Teaching robotic hands to have a human grip takes hard work and lots of data.
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Engineer at MIT Media Lab Designed his own Bionic Legs
$50M bionics can perform better than biology
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Tomorrow’s Semis Could be Modular City Dwellers
A new tractor-trailer design looks towards autonomy to solve the problems of urban logistics.
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Navy Begins Test of UUV Launch System

A joint effort between the US Navy and General Dynamics Electric Boat is refining a prototype system... More >>
A Holodeck for All Your Training Needs
Will massive, immersive video games become the training grounds of the future? The US Army thinks so...
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Kenyan Teen Invents Lion Repellent Device
Richard Turere talks about his multiple approaches to keeping livestock and lions alive in Kenya.
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Cleaner PVC through Engineering
New plasticizers may eliminate leaching.
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Army Blimps Cast a Wide Net To Protect Washington

According to a report recently published by the Washington Post, the US Army will launch two blimp-l... More >>
Limber Robotic Device Could Aid Leg Rehab Patients
A flexible, robotic prosthetic could aid patients rehabilitating from lower leg problems.
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The Ryno Microcycle is a Sci-Fi Inspired Single Wheeler

Designed as an urban transportation option, the Ryno Microcycle is a single wheeled, personal vehicl... More >>
Project RAY - Smartphones for People with Vision Loss
A phone built specifically for the visually impaired allows for accessibility to the smartphone way ...
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Atomic Clocks Make a Quantum Leap in Accuracy
A “mid-term” strontium-based clock becomes the World’s most accurate time keeping ...
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Here Comes a Cheap, Fully Transparent Display
MIT’s completely transparent display technology could change the how and where of information ...
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LIDAR-Lite: Distance Measurement Sensors for Drones and Bots
The LIDAR-Lite sensor is holding a Dragon Innovation funding campaign for its novel new distance mea...
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Ball Lightning’s Optical Spectrum Revealed

Known for millennia, but still considered a phenomenon, ball lightning’s origins have confound... More >>
Opposing Forces in your BOM
Balancing Usability and Re-usability in the Bill of Materials
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Your Favourite YouTube Channels for Engineers
Our audience picks the most popular channels
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US Navy Rail Gun Enters Prototype Phase II
After successfully testing its first rail gun prototypes, the US Navy looks to up the lethality in i...
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