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Solar Energy That Won't Obscure Your View
A new type of solar concentrator collects energy while remaining completely transparent. Are energy ...
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NASA's CanadArm Inspires Robotic Surgeons

Children love robots. In all shapes, sizes, "personalities" and "smarts," these electronic wonders h... More >>
World’s Fastest Camera Announced
A new camera developed by researchers in Japan can shoot 4.4 trillion frames per second.
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Smart-Skin Aircraft Can Detect Combat Damage
Work is underway at BAE Systems to give aircraft human-like ‘skin’, enabling the detecti...
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Researchers Discover the Genetic Recipe for Regenerative Growth
Researchers discover the genetic recipe that allows anoles to regrow their tails. Will this insight ...
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Ultrasonic levitation machine gains funding through Kickstarter
Richard Haberkern wants us to learn about ultrasonic levitation, and then he wants us to build a bet...
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Mercedes Introduces Passenger Car Grade Steel Pistons
Mercedes brings steel pistons to the passenger car market. Can they improve fuel efficiency while de...
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New Software Dramatically Increases the Speed and Ease of 3D Engineering Simulations
A newly developed software drastically increases the ease and speed with which 3D Engineering Sims c...
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Irish Researchers Create Wearable Sensors Using Rubber Bands
Could graphene covered rubber bands be the key to building cheap, wearable sensors?
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Engineering New Bone Growth with Tissue Scaffolds
Newly developed coated tissue scaffolds help the body grow new bone to repair injuries or congenital...
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Cuttlefish Inspired Camo
Cuttlefish inspired camouflage to keep US Navy ships and subs safe from enemies. But could it have c...
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Nanoparticles Find New Role in Process Control
New technique allows for restricting phase growth in advanced materials
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Google Science Fair - teen develops bioplastic made from banana peels
Elif Bilgin developed a process to create bioplastic from banana peels.
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DARPA Wants Alternatives to Heavy Armor and Tanks
Modern combat requires mobility and adaptability. To meet those needs DARPA looks to shake off heavy...
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Research Paves Way for Development of Cyborg Moth ‘Biobots’
Researchers develop methods to remotely control the flight of moths. Are insect due to become Earth'...
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Engineers Take Major Step Toward Photonic Circuits

The invention of fiber optics revolutionized the way we share information, allowing us to transmit d... More >>
Engineers Discover the Secrets to Earthworm Movement
Engineers at the University of Liverpool have found how worms move around, despite not having a brai...
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The X-47B Shares the Carrier Deck with Manned Aircraft
The US Navy's X-47B drone starts learning how to operate with manned aircraft aboard the deck of the...
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Lockheed Field Tests an Autonomous Helicopter
Lockheed Martin and the US Army have teamed up to conduct the first live resupply & recon missio...
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Man-made Tidal Lagoons Could Transform UK Power & Economy
Ambitious UK plan looks to the sea to transform Wales’ economy and energy needs.
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