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UltraRope Extends the Reach of Architects Beyond a Kilometer

The Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, stands an impressive 828m (2716ft) tall. While... More >>
Designer Edge Image of the Day – 6-14-13 – ClipAir is a Train & Plane

Switzerland’s École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne is reimagining wha... More >>
Robot Subs To Search for Alien Life

If there’s life in the universe, it will likely be under water To sustain life anywhere in th... More >>
Designer Edge Image of the Day – 6-13-13 – China Marks 10 Yrs of Manned Space Flight

On June 11 the Chinese marked a decade of manned space flight with the launch of it’s Shenzhou... More >>
Vencer Supercar to Make UK Debut

For the past eight years the UKs premier boutique auto event has been the Salon Privé. Held o... More >>
Designer Edge Image of the Day – 6-12-13 – Tesla Supercharger Expansion

In a recent announcement Tesla Motors shocked everyone with the news that its Model S had beaten out... More >>
Step aside Google Glass
A South Korean team reaches milestone for a wearable computer on a contact lens.
More >>
Designer Edge Image of the Day – 6-11-13 – A New View of Antarctica

After several decades of painstaking work the British Antarctic Survey has completed its new map of ... More >>
Oak Ridge Lab’s Scientists Make Lithium-Sulfur Battery Breakthrough
 At Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) scientists have successfully tested a lithium-Sulfur b...
More >>
Designer Edge Image of the Day - 6-10-13 - AVX's New Next Gen Heli

As we mentioned earlier this year, the US Army is in the market for its next-gen high speed helicopt... More >>
Pagani Releases Final Zonda Supercar

Fourteen years ago, veteran car designer Horatio Pagani introduced the world to his first Zonda supe... More >>
Designer Edge Image of the Day - 6-7-13 - BYU's 1,300 MPG Car

While 50 MPG is pretty impressive to most of us commuters, students at BYU have designed a car that ... More >>
When the Solar Impulse Travels it Brings its Own Hangar
Record-setting Solar Impulse deploys inflatable mobile hanger.
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Designer Edge Image of the Day – 6-6-12 – NASA’s IRIS Mission

Set to launch on June 26th, NASAs IRIS (Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph) is a mission aimed at... More >>
Electric Bike is Street Lethal
Mission Motorcycles announces race-inspired all-electric motorbike.
More >>
Designer Edge Image of the Day - 6-5-13 – Super Quiet, Supersonic Jet

At a recent event the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) unveiled it’s new design for a... More >>
Saker’s New Personal Jet Design – Cue the Fighter Pilot Fantasies
Saker Aircraft to debut a military inspired private jet capable of reaching Mach 0.99
More >>
Designer Edge Image of the Day 6-4-13 - Asteroid 1998 QE2

Last week Asteroid 1998 QE2 flew within 5.8M km of Earth. The asteroid which was 2.7km in diameter w... More >>
Building Energy Efficiency: What Matters Most?
3 keys to reducing energy use in commercial buildings
More >>
Drayson Racing Challenges EV Speed Record
40 year old Electric Vehicle speed record could fall this month. 
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