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Planting Pumpkins on the Moon: A New Lunar Lander

Northrop Grumman has completed a feasibility study to determine the best lander design for an upcomi... More >>
Designer Edge Image of the Day - 5-14-13 - Leaping Robots

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania’s Kod*Lab have created a robot that leaps. Named... More >>
Lockheed Martin Test Fires High Energy Laser

In a recent video, Lockhead Martin test-fired a high energy laser, destroying a Qassam-style rocket ... More >>
Designer Edge Image of the Day - 5-13-13 - FermiLab's Big Move

How do you reduce the cost of particle physics experiments? You borrow other people’s equipmen... More >>
Impressive animation of a 5-part footbridge with a novel cantilevered fan design.
City of London approved a new footbridge that opens and closes like a Japanese Fan.
More >>
Designer Edge Image of the Day -5-10-13 - 1986 Buick Touch Screen Dash

In 1986 Buick introduced the first in-dash touchscreen control panel. Named the Graphic Control... More >>
Micro Robots Could Prevent Blindness

Scientists at ETH Zurich have developed microrobots capable of detecting oxygen deficiency in the re... More >>
Designer Edge Image of the Day - 5-9-13 - Todd McClellan's Exquisite Explosions

In Todd McLellan’s new book Things Come Apart, everyday objects are disassembled to reveal not... More >>
UAV Landing on an Air Craft Carrier

To a Navy pilot, one maneuver stands out as the most pulse racing and difficult; the aircraft carrie... More >>
Designer Edge Image of the Day - 5-8-13 - NASA's GROVER Rover

The newest tool is NASA scientists arsenal isn’t a space faring telescope of even a new rocket... More >>
New Design for Brazil’s Antarctic Base

Back in February 2012, Brazil’s Antarctic base was nearly destroyed by fire. The damage was so... More >>
Designer Edge Image of the Day - 3-7-13 - Dietmar Eckell's Decomposing Planes

Dietmar Eckell's newest photo project "Happy Ending" celebrates miracles in aviation history. In tra... More >>
X-51A Hypersonic Plane Makes Record Flight
Early Monday morning Boeing successfully completed the longest air-breathing, scramjet-powered hyper...
More >>
Designer Edge Image of the Day - 5-6-13 - World's Smallest Drone

Harvard Researchers have created the world’s smallest drone. Named the RoboBee, the penny size... More >>
Where Do You Test A Super Car? The Arctic Circle

When you’re building one of the fastest, most powerful cars on the planet you want to make sur... More >>
Designer Edge Image of the Day – 5-3-13 – Bug Eye Lens

Researchers, led by John A. Rogers, at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign are advancing wha... More >>
IBM Produces The World’s Smallest Movie

At IBM, researchers study the limits of data storage by moving atoms and exploring how they interact... More >>
Designer Edge Image of the Day – 5-2-13 – Saturn's Massive Hurricane

With winds reaching upwards of 300 mph and an eye the size of Texas, the hurricane hovering above Sa... More >>
Designer Edge Image of the Day - 5-1-13 - Hublot's MP-05 Watch

Watch designers Hublot have teamed up with Ferrari to create a masterpiece of functional design. The... More >>
Tuatara Supercar’s Engine Test Complete; Could Reach 1,700 HP

Since its debut in 2011, SSC’s Tuatara supercar has been reshaping the way people think about ... More >>

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