ESI Entering Cloud-based CAE Modeling
Shawn Wasserman posted on April 21, 2015 |
Ciespace’s cloud-based modeling software acquired by ESI

ESI Group has entered the cloud scene with the acquisition of the cloud-based CAE modeling software Ciespace. This is a logical decision as ESI has to play catch up in the cloud CAE market.

Image courtesy of Ciespace.

The acquisition allows for Ciespace’s cloud abilities to be coupled with ESI’s portfolio of CAE modeling and simulation tools.

The Ciespace platform is a CAE Cloud solution with modeling capabilities built into its open web service. The platform is designed to take advantage of the cloud including:

  • Cloud/SaaS model
  • Scalable high performance computing (HPC)
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Open application framework
  • Web-browser connectivity
  • Multi-tenant architecture
  • Web security

The first step of the integration will provide ESI’s solvers and modeling tools into the current Ciespace cloud platform. Users will then be able to access CAE Modeling, HPC and post-processing all online.

“Ciespace’s leading edge CAE Cloud based modeling tool will provide ESI with a quantum leap in its Go-to-Market strategy,” said Alain de Rouvray, ESI Group’s CEO.

“Ciespace’s high caliber engineering team will bring to ESI its advanced knowledge and proven experience in both CAE and Cloud technologies. The operation is well aligned with ESI Group’s strategy to ‘enable Virtual Prototyping for all.’ After an initial integration phase, this acquisition should strongly accelerate the generation of new customers with an offer at minimal transactional costs.”

Deformation of titanium cross beams are similar to results simulated using ESI Group’s ProCast.

The cloud offers a more economical method for small companies and consultants to access CAE technologies. This means entering the cloud market will open the door to more customers that would otherwise be unable to consider simulation technology.

Rouvray added, “Enabling a full Cloud/SaaS offering of our Virtual Prototyping solutions will create considerable additional value to our existing and future customers; substantially lowering the cost of ownership and the need for in-house expertise. The flexibility and affordability of the Cloud/SaaS business model is expected to progressively attract new types of technical SME users, beyond the traditional community of CAE specialists.” 

The cloud technology will also help to democratize the work on CAE projects in larger companies.

Often technical and non-technical employees will work on a project. Offering collaborative cloud-based CAE technology helps to get the team onto the same page. Engineers, managers and technicians from the design phase, to simulation, to prototyping and testing will be able to collaborate, observe and impact the design with their iterative solutions.

“Ciespace’s technology will be expanded and spread worldwide and in many new industrial sectors,” states Sanjay Choudhry Ciespace CTO and team lead on the integration.

“We are confident numerous customers and prospects will appreciate the tremendous added value that will come from this combination of best in class physics, modeling and Cloud platform.”

What do you think about ESI Groups jump into the cloud? Is it just what they need or are they late to the party getting into that market? Comment below.

ESI Group.

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