KaliPAK - lightweight portable solar power generation, on Kickstarter
Tom Spendlove posted on February 10, 2015 |
Kalisaya is crowdfunding their ideal replacement for the diesel generator.

The Kalisaya team had a goal to replace the diesel generator with a sustainable energy solution. They wanted to provide immediate energy to areas devastated by natural disasters. Additional concerns were to achieve these goals without affecting the environment, and generating zero emissions.

The KaliPAK is the solution to these requirements - a lightweight and portable energy generator that uses folding solar panels to generate power. KaliPAK is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the initial production run.

Outdoor enthusiasts, disaster relief workers, municipal recovery units, field engineering teams and energy-challenged communities are all target markets for the generator. Working with the Power Africa initiative, Kalisaya will ship a minimum of ten KaliPAK units to Africa to aid in power generation.


An open source KaliAPP manages the generator from your smartphone, supporting both iOS and Android. Battery level, connected devices, support forum access and product manuals can all be accessed from the app.

Three different levels of KaliPAK are available with the largest 601 model weighing 6.9 kilograms and able to generate562 Watt hours. Four solar panels fold out and generate power for the four 5 Volt USB and two 12 Volt connection points. A patent-pending fixture holds and adjusts the solar panels to the most direct and efficient angle for charging. One sunny day will almost fully charge the battery.

The pack itself is designed to be worn on a user’s back and includes storage for the unit and spots for accessories and the devices that need to be charged. Every unit comes with a weatherproof raincoat that shield the generator from water but allows power to be used under any weather conditions.

Kalisaya is doing great things with this project and the idea of a portable generator of this magnitude is exciting. The addition of working with Power Africa to bring power to energy challenged regions is also a huge plus. The Kickstarter campaign page boasts that the unit has the best energy to weight ratio on the market, at 600 Watt hours / 13 pounds, or 400 Watt hours / 10 pounds.  This project is huge and ambitious and has the possibility to do great things.


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