Pyro Fireshooter - create balls of fire from thin air
Tom Spendlove posted on December 23, 2014 |
Ellusionist has released a new device that is more exciting, more dangerous than most holiday gifts.

Adam Wilber is a magician who helps other magicians perfect their craft. His latest device, Pyro, allows you to shoot fireballs from your wrists.

Pyro was born from Wilber’s idea to make a more compact flashgun that could more realistically create the illusion of fire from thin air. The idea is deceptively simple and the execution is very elegant.

Four chambers inside the device house flash paper and are remote detonated. The entire mechanism looks to be the size of a large smart watch and runs on two AA batteries.

The remote is designed to fit discreetly in the non-flaming wrist and is powered by a watch battery. Paper and cotton are provided for sixty bursts of flame. The wristband is built to be sleek and easy to conceal.

Seven iterations of prototypes and extensive testing went into the product, and each individual component has been through cycle, temperature and pressure testing. Several examples of different illusionists using Pyro and discussing possible new applications for the device are posted on the product’s website.

This video is mostly hype and product demonstration but the product seems solid. It’s great to see a maker inspired by his need for a newer, better more efficient product and build one for himself. After an initial wave of press attention the first run of Pyros have sold out and another batch is expected to start delivery on December 29th, 2014.

Safety is a huge concern with Pyro, and there is a huge disclaimer section detailing responsibilities assumed by the user. Additionally a long section of proper use tells purchasers exactly when and where it's okay to light up.

It’s almost impossible to see this and not fall into a superhero powered fantasy of shooting flames into the air. The wristband is reminiscent of webshooters and some of the promotional material takes full advantage of that fact.

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