Oivo - charge your iphone using AA batteries
Tom Spendlove posted on September 05, 2014 |

Marin Medak always took electrical devices on his long kayaking trips. Powering the devices was sometimes a problem but he found that AA batteries are a universal and portable power source. Always the same size, he's bought batteries in the jungle in Ecuador and from an Altai Mountain village in Mongolia. But AA batteries couldn't charge his iphone so Medak got to work with his team to develop the Oivo.

The goal for Oivo was to design a device so small that it could be forgotten until needed. When not in use Oivo hangs on your key ring with a slim 36.5 mm tall, 30 mm wide and 22 mm deep footprint.


Oivo isn't intended to be a replacement phone charger, but a device that can save the day in a charging emergency. When pulled apart the two halves allow AA batteries to be used as a defacto iphone charger.

The real moment of engineering design came when the team realized that instead of a canister to hold the batteries they could go smaller. The neodymium magnets could hold the top and bottom of the charging unit until the device is needed. No walls were needed and a great deal of space is saved.

Marin says that this process really stressed to him the importance of design in product development. Treating Oivo like a product that needed a great form in addition to solid function really helped the team.

Oivo is seeking $50,000 goal to begin large scale manufacturing. As of this writing the pledges are nearing $13,000 with twenty seven days to go. For iphone addicts worried about being left without power this is definitely a product that will give peace of mind.


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