BMW Offers an Armored SUV at Moscow Autoshow
Kyle Maxey posted on August 27, 2014 |
Hot on the heels of Mercedes’ announcement of a security sedan, BMW debuts their own armored c...

BMW, security, SUV, armored, autoHot on the heels of Mercedes’ launch of its own armored sedan, BMW has unveiled a fortified SUV for the business pro under fire.

Designed to protect its owners from “violent assault, kidnapping and organized crime”, the BMW X5 Security Plus’ first level of protection comes in the form of a steel-reinforced passenger cabin. Much like its Mercedes competition, the X5 is clad with form fitting aramid reinforcements that provide an almost uninterrupted mesh of ballistic protection. Where the X5 is required to have seams special attention has been paid to seal joints and ensure the car’s body remains a bullet-proof whole.

Of course, like all autos, the X5 has windows, but unlike the windows in your average car the X5’s can withstand repeated blasts from high-powered automatic weapons, like an AK-47, without giving way.  

If the X5 does come under fire the machine is equipped with a 450HP TwinPower turbo V8 engine that’s supported by an intelligent all-wheel drive system and run-flat tires. What’s more, the vehicle has a self-healing fuel tank that guarantees no saboteur will cut a secure ride short by draining the X5 of fuel.

“The risk of armed violence—and in particular, attack with automatic weapons like the AK-47—is a fact of everyday life for certain customers,” said BMW. Who those customers may be and whether they should consider a decisive career / attitude change is another matter altogether.

While BMW’s security SUV offers a higher profile ride for its precious passengers, its ballistic safety rating falls short of Mercedes’ S600. With a VR6 security rating the BMW is, without question, a safe ride, however, it misses the near impenetrable VR9 grade awarded to Mercedes.

For those interested in an X5 Security Plus, the sticker price is available upon request.

Image Courtesy of BMW

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