Fin - wearable gesture control ring
Tom Spendlove posted on March 30, 2014 |
Gesture control can be done using the thumb and fingers with a new ring device.

Rohildev.N has created a gesture control ring that uses interactions between the thumb and fingers to manage smart devices.

Different thumb and finger combinations can be used to control different devices through a Bluetooth connection. As the internet of things becomes more prevalent in our lives Fin is another option we will have for eliminating remote controls.

When Fin is being used screens are one hundred percent visible, and when security is a concern Fin can control devices discreetly from inside a pocket or jacket. When driving a user can control automotive devices or smartphones without taking their eyes off of the road.

Operations work through an optical sensor in the ring. Fin detects the swipes and taps across your hand and sends the signals to a devices that takes in the output signal. Future plans call for biometrics to delineate between different parts of the finger, adding more controls to the mix.

Rohildev and his company, RHL Vision, were showcased at the TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show. Fin was successfully crowdfunded through indiegogo in early 2014 and preorders are being taken through the website at a $120 price.

The indiegogo video and website video share a lot of footage, and the examples come rapid fire. Joggers, drivers, gamers and head mounted device users are all shown using the Fin. Giving a presentation is shown with the Fin acting as the remote control, and the uses for physically challenged people are explored.

The Fin device is amazing, and the company looks to be full of engineers, makers and entrepreneurs who will bring the company's products to market. Based in Karala, India the company also operates out of Fin Robotics Inc in Palo Alto, California. The website doesn't have an official release date beyond "coming soon" but September 2014 is the date given on the indiegogo page for production of the first units.

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