The Felino cB7 is a Racers Dream, Will it Transition from Track to Road?
Kyle Maxey posted on February 11, 2014 |

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It seems that these day boutique supercars are popping up everywhere. While a number of new makers have started to saturate the market an upstart company from Quebec has created a car that’s sure to turn heads.

Called the Felino cB7, the sleek Canadian speedster is the brainchild of racing veteran Antoine Bessette. Equipped with a 6.2liter, 525HP cast aluminum V8, the rear wheel drive auto looks to be a blazing fast edition to the world of supercars.

To enhance the performance of its engine the Felino features a sweeping, dipping, menacing composite body augmented with lightweight carbon fiber panels.

In its current form the cB7 has been designed specifically as a track car, featuring race-suit cooling, a removable steering wheel and a six-point harness. While the cB7 hasn’t been equipped for the consumer market the company does have plans to begin production of the auto soon with 2015 targeted as the year for its debut. In the meantime the Felino will create two more concept vehicles, hopefully one of which will introduce more consume oriented features.

Although no definitive price tag has been placed on the cB7, Felino is eyeing a mark below $100,000. At that price the car could rival more mass-produced racers like Dodge’s Viper and the Corvette Z06, that is if the car evolves from track-born pedigree to a road bound demon.

Images Courtesy of Felino

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