Top Secret Drone Takes Flight in a Very Public Way
Kyle Maxey posted on February 07, 2014 | | 13646 views

 UK, drone, UCAV, UAV, Secret, Tiranis, flight, test, stealth

UK, drone, UCAV, UAV, Secret, Tiranis, flight, test, stealth 

In recently released footage, the RAF’s menacing looking Taranis unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV) has publicly demonstrated its ability to fly for the first time.

During a 15-minute flight that occurred last August, the BAE designed drone took off from a runway, cruised and landed without any hint of difficulty. Although the flight test happened nearly 6 months ago, secrecy surrounding many aspect of the Tiranis project has prevented the public from getting a good look at the stealthy UAV. 

In development since 2006, the Tiranis has seen nearly 250 British engineering firms contribute to its design. With a 10m (33ft) wingspan, and a nearly 12.5m (41ft) length, the Tiranis is, without a doubt, a full scale demonstration of cutting edge British aerospace engineering.

Developed as a demonstrator, Tiranis will continue to be put through its paces in order to fulfill its ultimate mission of informing the RAF how UAVs and manned fighters will work jointly in future sorties.

Images and Video Courtesy of BAE Systems

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