Construct Your Own Car In Under an Hour
Kyle Maxey posted on February 04, 2014 |

DIY,Design, Car, Auto, Africa, modular, entrepreneur,transportationA new open-source automotive project aims to bring cars to remote areas, facilitating transportation and providing support for growing businesses.

Designed around an open-source framework, OSVehicle’s Tabby is a modular, open-air two to four seater that can be powered by either a traditional internal combustion engine, an electric motor or a hybrid drive.  Depending on its configuration, the open-source auto can reach a top speed ranging between 70-90 km/h (43-56 mph); however, no range and fuel efficiency numbers are available just yet.

Built to mimic IKEA’s modular design strategy, OSVehicle can transform their starter model into the Urban Tabby by adding an exterior shell. When completely built out the Urban Tabby has enough body to meet the strict standards required for a car to be street legal in Europe, Asia and the US, all while it still appears light enough to give any passenger a breathtaking ride.

While the paired down Tabby Urban might not meet the expectations of drivers accustomed to power windows, full AC and a number of other safety features, the start-up vehicle’s target audience isn’t the well-healed driver.

OSVehicle’s ambition is to support individuals and businesses in the developing world. Because of its simple design entrepreneurs in remote areas can gain access to a car that can be constructed in under an hour and perform admirably in rough conditions. With parts and plans that are completely open and available for download it’s likely that maintenance on both versions of the Tabby is rather inexpensive and can be taken care of locally.

That being said, with an entry price somewhere from $5,350-$8,000 the Tabby might garner a lot of interest from those looking for a basic package to start their own dream car project, regardless of where they might reside.


Images Courtesy of OSVehicle

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