The Mooshimeter - Wireless Multichannel Sampling for Your Smartphone
Tom Spendlove posted on January 10, 2014 |
The Mooshimeter is seeking Dragon Innovation funding for its innovative wireless multichannel data c...

The Mooshimeter is a digital multimeter that can measure multiple properties at once and wirelessly display or log the data to your smartphone. The Mooshi team is currently seeking funding through a Dragon Innovation campaign.

James Whong and Eric VanWyk are the engineers behind the Mooshimeter. Eric has extensive experience with the FIRST Robotics competition and I've heard rumors that he accumulated battle scars and war stories riding on top of a 130 pound FIRST robot while trying to take electrical readings.

Giving the Mooshimeter wireless capability means that the meter can go with the robot and the data logger can stay with the user out of harm's way. The meter can also measure up to 600 Volts and 10 Amps so more dangerous measurements can be taken standing away from the device - the current range is up to 50 meters.

Much of the campaign page is spent showing off applications. Tests are conducted with the Mooshimeter connected to a car battery and then testing how much voltage and current are used when different functions of the vehicle are engaged. When reading ambient temperature and ambient light the testers discover whether or not the light really goes off when you close the refrigerator door.

Tying the data to a smartphone app allows the user to measure current and voltage at the same time and also allows for automatic scaling to keep a consistent view at different scales. Using power from the two batteries inside the Mooshimeter data can be collected for months.

The digital multimeter is a tool almost everywhere in today's labs, shops, factories and makerspaces. Once you can buy cheap knockoff tools at the discount outlets for under ten dollars I usually start to look at features and what tradeoffs are made for the break in price. The Mooshimeter has an incredible array of features that outshine both cheap knockoffs and fancy yellow meters.

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