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John Hayes posted on December 13, 2013 |
Readers advice on  what they want to see

A few weeks ago we asked for your input on how to make a more worthwhile place to visit. Thank you for your enthusiastic response – we got 35% more responses than last year.  Fabulously stylish golf shirts are now on their way to our winners.

Last year you gave us some great advice. 

The biggest tip from 2012 was to add more stories about new and future technologies. To answer this, we launched Designer Edge.  Now it’s one of the biggest traffic sections on the site.  We also asked Tom Lombardo to start writing about Alternative Energy and added several new authors to our Jobs section. 

The second big tip was a request for more stories on every subject area.  Who are we to argue? In response, we’ve tripled the number of stories we publish to 9-10 articles a day. It has been a busy year.

The 2013 responses are in and we’re working on plans based on your suggestions.

In terms of topics, you’ve asked us to cover Automation, Design Software and Material Sciences among others. You’ll see that we’ve already started to include more design software articles including a new Simulation section.  A new PLM / ERP section will go live later today.  We’ll keep your feedback in mind as we build out more coverage in the future.

If you have specific suggestions that weren’t covered in the survey, feel free to send me an email anytime at

Thanks again for your help,

John Hayes


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